Taming of the shrew stop motiont induction scene project


Taming of the Shrew Stop Motion Induction Scene Project

In the induction of the play “Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare, a homeless man with the name of Christopher Sly is drunk in a bar. He is arguing with the hostess refusing to pay for his drinks. But when he passes out, a lord finds him and thinks of a brilliant prank to play on him. He is taken to the castle and is dressed up as a king, and is convinced that he is a king when he wakes up. Some players come to the castle and ask to give a performance in exchange for shelter and food, which is where the inset starts. In our recreation of the induction in a stop motion video, we used the app iMotion. The process was really simple, all we did was take numerous pictures after every little movement of each character. After we did voice over, it resembled a movie. Soha, Jaya, Raiyah, and Darrion were in our group. We started off with a written plan on paper. We figured out the characters, backgrounds, and props. Then we equally split the work to create the stop motion video, which was difficult because we did not have Lego for the main characters. We overcame that problem by drawing our characters. Although the outcome was not as professional as we wished, it still turned out nice. We learned how to use iMotion, and we also learned how to upload videos onto YouTube and add music.