Shakespeare workshop

We did a Shakespeare work shop in My English 10 class. Actors from bard on the beach came to our class to teach us about the play Much Ado About Nothing and learn about Shakespeare himself. I think it was an extremely fun way for us to learn about Shakespeare and his works because it was very engaging. The amount of positive  reinforcements  and encouragement was outstanding in the classroom and while I have to admit, it was outside of the comfort zone for some students, I believe that once we all got into it, and was a very enjoyable experience. I learned quite a few things in the workshop in a manner that did not feel like learning. I would recommend this activity for other English classes because it was lots of fun and a great way to learn about Shakespeare

The King is not for Sharing


Here is the edited version of my narrative essay. I have corrected all my mistakes.

Two things I did well,

  1. I really worked hard to use poetic devices
  2. My essay has originally 1700 words, and I shrunk it down to 980 words.

Two things I can improve

  1. I didn’t manage to include every aspect of my story into the essay
  2. I messed up on some of my punctuation and spelling.


Inquiry Of What Do You Remember Of The Evacuation

When dealing with racism, and someone is using discrimination, it may lead to one feeling shame towards their culture.

What is an effect racism have one ones self?

In the poem “What Do You Remember Of The Evacuation” by Joy Kogawa, The author is being shipped out of Vancouver and deported somewhere else because of  the war. On the journey, she doesn’t understand why only her people are being deported.  It was then when she started to receive some of the effects of racism. She started her journey being proud of her roots, not aware why all the white children weren’t receiving the same treatment as her. Proudly, she wrote her name in Japanese, and was confused why Lorraine Life looked down at her in disgust and “ spat on [her] anyways”(line 36). By the end of the poem, the author no longer confident in her heritage because she didn’t want to receive all the judgment. The whites were judging her as a nation, and not as a person. When one is faced with racism, they lose pride in who they are. Despite the fact that she grew up in Canada, because of the way she looked she was discriminated against. By that happening she no longer felt pride in who she was and wished she “might be white”(line 39).





Raiyah Tyers

Block A

The Danger of Silence.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silences of our friends” Martin Luther King Jr.

I’ll never forget how friend of mine got a job in grade 7. He was working really hard and making good money. Most of the other students were buying chips and snacks with their allowance, but he was saving his money. A few weeks after he got his job, he also got a girlfriend. She seemed a little sketchy and he seemed to be happy so I didn’t say anything. She went to my school but I never talked to her before. She dresses very inappropriately was sort of obnoxiously loud when she spoke. She was like something you would scrape off the bottom of your shoe after walking the streets of down town. I noticed she would always ask my friend for money; mostly small amounts here and there. Like a love sick puppy he followed her around and got her whatever she wanted. For such a sweet hard working guy, I hated watching him being taken advantage of like that. I did not trust this girl; therefore i wanted to say something to him. My other friends told me that he was really happy and that I should leave him be, so I did. Eventually she left him and he was heartbroken. I regret not saying anything to him, for he deserved so much better. Luckily he is much more careful with his money and his heart now. I just wish I could have told him to do that back then.

Their wood fire oven will leave you toastier then their flat bread appetizers.


Pizza has been a favourite in my family for generations, but pizza by the slice and fast food restaurants are no longer valid once you have been to Famoso’s Pizzeria on Commercial Avenue.  Opening those heavy wooden-doors and being hit by the warmth of the wood fire oven and aroma of fresh baked dough is just the beginning of a quite pleasurable experience. When I enter, I am greeted by friendly faces at the door and am-seated at either the rustic bar stools or the cozy-booths. A dim, fiery glow-highlights a vibrant artisan pizza which is-accompanied by flavourful soup—my personal favourite. The first bite is piping hot, but very worth it, for the flavour packs a punch. The soothing tomato bisque, topped with a fluffy feta cheese, is well-balanced out by the crispy crunch of hand-tossed dough on my favourite pizza. The margarita pizzetta is a popular choice amongst most due to the perfect portion sizing-and the classic house sauce. The cozy duo provides-many memories and a homey environment in the rainy Vancouver weather. The Abruzzo pizza-hits home as a family favorite; it’s similar to something you would find at a fast food restaurant but taken up a notch with its secret recipe cream sauce. The room is filled with sounds of laughter and the clanking of greasy-empty plates being licked clean by satisfied-customers. Not only do I leave with a happy tummy, but a happy wallet as well; the prices are reasonable for the amount of food you-get along with the fabulous service. Famoso’s revives many memories of my family and friends is a place that-is close to my heart! A gloomy day of rain becomes much cheerier with the bright spirits that come with some hearty comfort food.

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