Skype chat with Charis Walko

Today in my science 9 class, we prepared a skype chat with a lady named Charis Walko. She works for a company called Stem Cell technology where they study stem cells. She talked to us about stem cells. She informed us about the three types of stem cells and what she does work wise in relation to stem cells. Our class asked her several questions that we came up with the day before.

Some of out questions

  • Are there other way to obtain pluripotent stem cells? Answer: the only way to obtain the cells are through a human embrio, how ever you can obtain certain cells such as skin cells from the skin, or blood from a bloos cell etc.
  • How do you made the medium for the embryo? Answer: when you are a baby in your mother’s stomach, she provides things like certain essential sugars. The medium that send signals to the cells to grow, contain those same sugars and things
  • How long does it take to creat a sheet of cells? Answer: It is a difficult process and takes around 45 days.

Unfortunatly, my pictures were not uploading BUT you can go to this link to see some of my friends pictures