My Science App Review

I had a hard time picking what app is was going to use, but I came across an app called “SkyView.”

It’s a really cool app about astronomy, and it won an award for best science app of 2012.

My Questions were:

  1. Is it easy to find?
  2. Is it easy to use?
  3. Does it help you is multiple ways?
  4. Can you use it all the time?
  5. Is it easy to access?
  6. What can you learn from this app?
  7. An it help you in more than one subject  

My Answers were:

  1. Yes the app was really easy to find. When you search up astronomy apps, it is the first one to come up in the apple app store.
  2. I found the app pretty simple to use. What happens is they use your location to see what (stars, planets etc.) are near you. then you can search a constellation or what ever you want, and stars will show up on you screen. then an arrow shows you where to point the camera to and you can see where that  very constellation is. At first I wasn’t sure what to do, but when i watched the tutorial, located in “help,” and i searched it up online, I realized all the amazing things this app could do for me.
  3. It can help you find lots of things in space and you can search them up, or you can just see what is near you at the time.
  4. I like this app because you can use it in the day, and the is a setting where you can use it at night!
  5. It is really easy to access everything, there is a menu on the left side, and you can do everything from there
  6. It can teach you a lot of things, like what stars and things are near you, and it even give you information about everything you search up. If you have a question about a star for example, just search it in the “search,” and it will tell you about it will even show you where it is located at that time.
  7. It can only help you inn astronomy, but it is narrowed down and that it good. Instead of being an “Okay” app with everything, it is a really good app, for only one thing.

I can totally see why this app  got an award. It is so cool and i can’t wait till it is dark when i can use the night time settings.

For sure i am going to use this app when we do Astronomy because i thinks it will be able to help me along with other students. I think i will be able to use some really cool things from this app.

This is what it looks like: