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What does it mean to be human……

Humans need to be able to communicate

Humans need to interact with others

Humans look for happiness

Humans want to express feelings

Humans need other to support

Humans are violent, mean and greedy

Humans hurt other humans and populations, they’re are discriminatory

Humans are vengeful

Humans are sympathetic and giving and helpful to others

Humans are oblivious when it isnt happening to us

Humans can be united by the simplest of things

Humans can find joy

The movie American Sniper is one of my favorite movie because it showed the different experiences people go through, the difference between countries and the differences between people. Watching the movie makes me think differently of Veterans I see on the street or in general. I have more respect for them than ever. They are brave to go and fight for their country despite knowing the risks. I don’t think that I would be able to do it. You have to be mentally strong, physically strong and extremely courageous.