5 year Age Groups and Gender of Benin

  1. Find the dependency ratio, is it high or low?
    • 83.5% dependent. It is high.
  2. Describe the situation in the country based on the info in your population pyramid (births, deaths, health, age, male/female, type of pyramid, stage in DTM etc.)
    • High births, which are going to be dependent on the working age cohort, we have more kids than adults. We have less deaths than births; meaning they are getting an enhanced health care system/ everything is evolving. There are slightly more women than men in this country. This is an expanding pyramid. This is around stage 2.
  3. Explain what the country needs to prepare for in the near future and why you think that. (health, population, business, policies, etc. Connect this to your observations)
    • This country needs to keep making medicine, needs to increase food production, needs to make more schools and hospitals. They might need to make a policy of how many kids you are allowed to have if the population continues to increase at the rate its going. The health of these people are generally good but they die off around 80, but since there are high birth rates the death rate will increase later on so the country might want to make room for cemeteries and they might want to start businesses that help elderly people, like transportation or have more senior homes.

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