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Foods and Nutrition 11 Reflection

In the first month of Foods and Nutrition 11, I have learned a lot and I have really refreshed my memory. Not too long ago we had a guest come to class, who refreshed my memory on fire hazards, and what to do in certain situations. I thought that this was really important because safety is always important and sometimes if you don’t know what to do you can make a situation worse. I have also learned to become a better teammate because of working in groups. A lot of the time I like to take over and it is hard for me to take a step back and help others get better in this foods class too. A few recipes that I have really enjoyed making are the apple strudels and the ponderosa muffins.I love my sweets! Something I have learned do, because it is very important to be successful in this class, is to go over the recipe and make sure to follow all the instructions as you go. I can’t wait to see what we can make next, I am excited to keep learning and to see what I able to do in this class. 🙂