Math 10 Week 15

This week our class learned about slope. Slope means how steep a line is.

To find the steepness of the line segment we use \frac{Rise}{Run} .

To help find the slope choose two nice points from the line segment. Rise is how high is goes (y) and Run is how far is travels (x).

In this image the slope is \frac{2}{3} . That is because The rise (y) goes up to and the run (x) goes over three. This will also be positive because the line segment is moving upwards. We read the lines/graphs from left to right and this line goes from bottom up. For the line to become negative it would have to being going downwards from left to right. then the slope would be \frac{-2}{3} .

I will also introduce this handsome guy.

His name is Mr. Slope Guy and he helps us understand lines better.

The green features of his face represent a positive line.  Notice if we read from left to right the line travels up

The red represents a negative line segment.notice if we read from left to right the line segment goes downward

His nose represents a vertical line. It has a little U under the line  to help us remember the word undefined.

His mouth is the Zero Slope Line. It means that a horizontal line segment is 0. This is because it has no slope, so the slope is 0. Y needs to be higher or lower than 0 but cannot be 0!