To Kill a Mockingbird- Racism

To Kill a MockingbirdThis is my opinion, you may not like or agree with it but once again it is my opinion and it is not changing.  Racism has gotten better but it hasn’t been eradicated. It is still around in the US and in Canada. There are racists cops in the States that I hear about all the time; shooting the coloured for no reason. Back in the day they were captured and put into slavery. And after the civil war they were starting to gain power in politics and then it was stripped away from them . The Jim Crow Laws made it so any coloured people were not allowed to be near white people in libraries, grocery stores and restaurants. They got paid less and they couldn’t even use the same bathrooms. It is not fair, the way they’ve been treated. I wish we could all just see each other as equal. No one better than anyone else. I am excited to read To Kill a Mockingbird.

Math 10 Week 12

This week we started Relations and Functions. This is something i think would be helpful remembering.

Relation: A comparison between two sets of elements (numbers) is a relation.

Ex. The cost of pellets is related to the weight.

To determine which is the input or the output you need to remember which one depends on which.

It does not make sense for the weight to depend on the cost therefore the sentence should be written as the cost depends on the weight. Because of this the cost is the input also known as the dependent, y and range. The weight is known as the independent, the input, and the domain.

There are 5 different relations.

Table of Values

Ordered Pairs

A Mapping diagram

An Equation