Racism Then and Now

Racism has existed in America for a long time and have been shown in different levels of intensity in different fields like housing, education and politics, compare then from now, there has been an increase of work effort to bringing right to African Americans. For example, many blacks are able to afford better housing but has been kept out because of racism. Eventually it was made law that no one can be deny of housing because of their race and this made some improvement. Another example is how some schools have been segregated, that whites hangout with whites and black be with other blacks and it because most kids attend a school that is closer to where they live. However in 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racially segregated (separate) schools are unconstitutional, and this alone improved education for a lot of young African Americans. One last example, in 1963 John Lewis was 23 and was the youngest speaker attending the March on Washington and all 535 members of the US Congress were all whites, but now he is one of the 38 blacks in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate. In times like the 1880’s, racism has been there at a certain extent, however groups like the Civil Rights Movement have worked hard to bring rights to African Americans of today.

Tech Team Passion Project

a) Briefly describe your new and improved idea, by incorporating ideas and/or feedback.

The Sound and Lighting Team are responsible for setting up the lights and sound equipment for shows and events happening on the stage or the gym if needed, it makes a impact in our school and has always been acknowledged by our peers. So any changes required to make this idea more feasible are depended on further analysis throughout the year.

– What problems might I run into?

Since most stage events happen after school, not having enough available sound and lighting members to be there for set-up could be a potential obstacle. Best of what I can think of to solve this is see who can do what and when, so basically make a calendar of all the events, plan ahead and see who is free and who is not to attend and help set-up for said events. And ask members if it is possible to cancel what they have or see if they can find a way to resolve schedule conflicts.

– What skills do I need to complete this project? How can I attain these skills?

I would need to be able to problem solve, have critical and some creative thinking skills for when I run into obstacles or problems that are needed to be solved. Since its likely that this idea revolves around technology, I would have to learn more and expand on what I can do with computers.


I have been recently added to this project so I don’t know what to expect, what are the upcoming dates involving the Sound and Lighting team or what is the outcome. Though I do know that I would be getting training or an education to help complete the project and throughout the year I would keep an open mind.


Letter to a Soldier


I hope that the war efforts have contributed well at where you are. Things have changed in Canada greatly since the war has started. At first, a lot of people who are of British origin have been quick to support the “Mother Country”. Many have went and volunteered to fight, mainly Canadian men have been accepted and since only they went to fight overseas, women were able to contribute by either being positioned as nurses to help heal the wounded, or were offered jobs at places like from operating fishing boats to working on farms because of the high demand of resources like food, clothing and ammunition that the armies needed for the war. Since the resources needed to be bought, the country are having an inflation of prices, the government introduced income tax that require families to  pay 1-15% percent of the income they receive, this has been becoming hard for the citizens here because the wages have stayed the same.

I have became very worried about what is truly happening overseas, especially with you, that I have became dependent on your response to what is happening in the war. I’m just not sure if their has been any propaganda on radio, podcasts, articles, newspapers, even speeches or in any new sources. The reason for the uncertainty is because of how much is broadcasted about the Germans, the war we’re fighting and how much they are encouraging more men to volunteer for a group like the Canadian Expeditionary Force. It a group you may have heard of, however I haven’t had heard much about. So all I know is that they are an armed force made by the Canadian volunteers.

I hope you come back safely.

Tech Team Edublog

Here are 3 the plugins that I have recently added to my blog.

Compfight Safe Image
Google Maps
3D Rotating Tag cloud








CompFight – Is a quick way to search and insert images into the post. What is great about it is that once activating it, it added a new button on posts and by searching a simple word (ex. flowers or whatever is the topic of the post) instantly photo relevant to what was searched. The only problem is that its not directly getting images from Google, Bing or other browsers, its mainly has its own data base of photos.

Google Maps – is a plugin allowing to easily embed Maps into the posts, pages and sidebars, along with the options of labeling location, display local images and get directions. The benefit of having this plugin is that for research post about a place and with this, Google maps can be embed and displayed into the post instead of say, going onto Maps and screenshotting the researched location. Its similar to the ‘Add Document’ plugin if you know it. By clicking on the added button by the Add media, and Google maps would pop up and it would allow to add different markers on the map, then by clicking insert, it would place an embed code into the post. Before publishing, preview the post and check if its working.

3D Rotating Cloud – is a cool plugin to use to personalize a blog. Its used to make the simple soon to be long list of tags on the sidebar of the blog look more interesting and compacts the tags together so it doesn’t stretch down the sidebar when it does get long. Once activated and after adding the widget, in the blogs sidebar would be a literal cloud of spinning tags that moves when the mouse is over it. However, for it to work the device your on would require a Flash Player 9 or better, else it would remain as a list.