Round Table Reflection

The ideology I had to research was Liberalism, which I didn’t know much about, until this week.  The Liberal Party is the current party of Canada and was elected on October 15th, 2015 under the leadership of Justin Trudeau who became Prime Minister of Canada.

This party stands for;

Individualism (individual takes priority over society),

Freedom (individuals have the right of choosing for themselves, as long as they follow the law)

Equality (no one is more superior over each other, no hierarchies)

Rationalism (the capability of thinking logically and rationally, to help solves problems)

Progress (keeping traditions that have value and making new ideas that lead to progress in the economy, science and the society)

The free Market ( Liberalism and capitalism go hand in hand, more easy to create wealth)

For the round-table debate, we were assignment different topics involving individualism, immigration, the economy, social services, and law and order, and as a group representing as a Canadian party, had to address these issues. My group’s ideas are based on benefiting individuals. For example, one of the topics were about a new privately owned mining company wants to begin it operations in Alberta. My group’s response was to give support and invest money into the company because there would be a lot of profit and minerals coming from it and it would make more job openings. What I found interesting of this activities is simply learning how does the Canadian Government work, doing the research, then doing the round-table debate and learn how each party in Canada operates. What was challenging was preparing an argument for the some of the topics because this type of debate was new to me and I couldn’t find some solutions to one of the topics, however I improvised and it worked.