Tech Team Year End Relfection

a) Describe your project. What did you do? How did you do it?

My group and I continued on maintaining Riverside’s main Instagram, where events and meetings happening or general info for student and/or staff to that they should know about, and often clubs, teachers, etc would send us what post they want the social media team (us) to make. Often we would make posts and stories about events we heard of and haven’t been requested yet to post, like intramural sports in the gym. For deciding on who is managing the instagram, each member is assigned a weekday of when their incharge of posting.

b) What problems did you run into? Were you able to solve these challenges? How did you solve these challenges? Is there anything you would do differently?

Getting people more people engaged to our Instagram page is the challenge the social media team always has, its one of the places where students and staff at the school to find school announcements other than the intranet. Originally, the social media team members had to find people and the information about events needed to make posts which can be hard and takes time, so this year in the beginning, we had an email account set-up so anyone can send the team the images and info for the post to make things easier. To increase more awareness about rapidevent, we took it a step further and create short newletters about expected events each week, and post about riverside students on the story, showing what cool or interesting activity their doing.

c)  What did you learn? Were you able to learn new skills or strengthen previous ones?

I practiced more on graphic design, like what should I include in the post, making it eye catching, or what info I should place in.

             d)Impact: How might your project positively impact the social and emotional well being of students/our school? What can be done to increase the impact of this idea on the school?

We as a team would continue to post school wide events, announcements and opportunities on Instagram to allow students and staff to have easy access and find what is happening throughout the week and beyond.

Desirability: What could you change to make your project more desirable to students, teachers, administrators, parents or the community?

Having a social media platform would allow for people who always check their Instagram or twitter to also see what is currently happen at their school.

Integratability: What would you change to make this idea easier to integrate into a school setting?

Create post about events, opportunities, sports, classes, and announcements happening in the school to ensure everyone is aware about it.

Feasability: Looking back what would you change, what would you keep?

Having to include more on the Instagram story about what students are doing in their classes and maybe their school related activities afterschool, so others can see what opportunities are available at riverside.

Wave Inteference

Constructive Interference – happens when two waves (either upper or lower) on the same side collide toward each other, and for a moment combine their energy together, usually resulting in higher amplitude or wavelength.

This shows a constructive interference with both waves being on the top side of the medium (slinky), one crest wave to another. For a second, the energy from both waves would collide and combine, making a taller wave, then they would separate and continue down the medium.

Here is supposed to be the same effect as in the video above, but instead the waves are made facing downward. In this case for demonstration, its shown from side to side.

Destructive Interference – is similar to constructive, but instead the waves that are sent through the medium, one is the top (crest), and one is at the bottom (trough). As they collide together, instead of combining, they cancel each other out for a moment then pass through each other and continue down the medium.

Crest vs Trough


How do noise-cancelling headphones use wave interference to eliminate unwanted sound?

With the idea of wave interference, the headphones have a device inside them that would emit small sound waves. As any noise around in generated, a mic on the headphones measure the frequency and wavelength, then using destructive interference, the device inside the cups would create the same waves that would cancel the outside noise.

Physics 11 – Waves

Pulse Wave – is a single wave cause by an event or disturbance that sends energy sent through the medium. They also don’t repeat like a periodic wave.

Periodic Wave – waves caused by repeated events sent constantly in set seconds. If the energy entering the medium stays the same, then the wavelength, height and frequency remains the same each wave.

Longitudinal Wave – the slinky is either pulled or compressed which releases energy going through the slinky in same direction.

Transverse Wave – is a wave create when the medium is pulled side ways, causing the energy to be sent at a right angle of the direction its going. In the video it shows the slinky being pulled up and as it is swayed down, it would send energy right up then back down, continuing through the slinky.

Tech Team Innovation

Step 1: Tech Team 

Take a moment to answer the following questions:

  • What aspects of Tech Team are successful? Explain why.

What stood out this year that is successful is the planning and creation of projects that would have students more engaged into events and activities at riverside, like the Wall of Pride, putting in newsletters on our social media, create a new Dear Grade 8 Me video, and overall keep pushing forward on what more could we do for the school.

  • What aspects of Tech Team are challenging? Explain why.

In the beginning of the year, it can come to the point where it can be challenging to ensure everyone has their technology work properly and that they know how to use certain programs. However, even in the middle of the year, it can be still surprizing how their are still students that still are not sure how to access Microsoft Office, log-in to the internet, etc, especially with new students and transfer students coming to the school. So making sure that everyone understands how to use their device(s) at Riverside can be a challenge.

  • What support does our school need from the Tech Team moving forward? Explain why.

To set-up a system that allows student to message to tech team directly if they have a device issue that they can’t solve on their own and are unable to visit the WAVE. There are chances that there can be a tech issue that we can’t solve or can’t access and need the help from those on the team or staff that know about the issue and offer advice.

  • What can we do to improve our support for our school?

More chances for the team to be in the library at the WAVE, or for those who arrive at Riverside during the year and didn’t have an intro technology at our school, we could offer to hold small sessions for those who don’t know everything about RSS tech.

Step 2: Research

Take some time to research various Tech Teams around North America. There are several schools using different variations of students in tech leadership positions. Look into them, and see what they are doing, how are they set up, how do they communicate, how do they improve their school culture around technology.

  • What are some things other Tech Teams are doing that we may want to apply at Riverside?

The common thing I found comparing different tech teams is that they had set-up networks that allows anyone to email them about issues they have or allow them to access a community/private forum to share different information about tech. Another was one team had set-up a website that shares about the team’s purpose, achievements and not only offer support to their school but also focus on allowing those joining to create their projects like in game and web development, robotics, video and film, media design, etc.

  • Has you research created any ideas that the Tech Team can implement here

Maybe creating a website for RSS Tech team to display current projects and plans for the school, like Instagram and twitter pages, info about the Wall of Pride, what are we involved with ,where to find us if students or staff need help.