Letter to a Soldier


I hope that the war efforts have contributed well at where you are. Things have changed in Canada greatly since the war has started. At first, a lot of people who are of British origin have been quick to support the “Mother Country”. Many have went and volunteered to fight, mainly Canadian men have been accepted and since only they went to fight overseas, women were able to contribute by either being positioned as nurses to help heal the wounded, or were offered jobs at places like from operating fishing boats to working on farms because of the high demand of resources like food, clothing and ammunition that the armies needed for the war. Since the resources needed to be bought, the country are having an inflation of prices, the government introduced income tax that require families to¬† pay 1-15% percent of the income they receive, this has been becoming hard for the citizens here because the wages have stayed the same.

I have became very worried about what is truly happening overseas, especially with you, that I have became dependent on your response to what is happening in the war. I’m just not sure if their has been any propaganda on radio, podcasts, articles, newspapers, even speeches or in any new sources. The reason for the uncertainty is because of how much is broadcasted about the Germans, the war we’re fighting and how much they are encouraging more men to volunteer for a group like the Canadian Expeditionary Force. It a group you may have heard of, however I haven’t had heard much about. So all I know is that they are an armed force made by the Canadian volunteers.

I hope you come back safely.