Racism Then and Now

Racism has existed in America for a long time and have been shown in different levels of intensity in different fields like housing, education and politics, compare then from now, there has been an increase of work effort to bringing right to African Americans. For example, many blacks are able to afford better housing but has been kept out because of racism. Eventually it was made law that no one can be deny of housing because of their race and this made some improvement. Another example is how some schools have been segregated, that whites hangout with whites and black be with other blacks and it because most kids attend a school that is closer to where they live. However in 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racially segregated (separate) schools are unconstitutional, and this alone improved education for a lot of young African Americans. One last example, in 1963 John Lewis was 23 and was the youngest speaker attending the March on Washington and all 535 members of the US Congress were all whites, but now he is one of the 38 blacks in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate. In times like the 1880’s, racism has been there at a certain extent, however groups like the Civil Rights Movement have worked hard to bring rights to African Americans of today.