WWI Reflection #3

Choose ONE of the following to post to your blog with primary source examples from the links provided below:

  • (Perspective) What was it like to fight on land, sea and in the air?
  • (Perspective) What are the common themes in the poems? What do they tell you about how soldiers felt about the war?


  1. Anthem for a Doomed Youth
  2. Back
  3. How To Die
  4. In Flanders Fields
  6. The Happy Warrior
  7. Dulce Et Decorum Est

Letters from the Front:


4 thoughts on “WWI Reflection #3

    • Oh, just like you did in your debates, it’s always clearer to state where you got a piece of information from. For this, it could be as simple as “according to _________, it states______, which shows us that ___________”.

    • Using quotes here would strengthen your response. It would be good practice with evidence. And it would help you with finding primary sources for your movie pitch.

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