Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – April 24, 25, 26




  • we will finish discussing the visual clues to the images;
    • your summary two sentences on the first two images is due


  • we will review the requirements for the HCE assignment
  • start work on the assignment


  • Work day for HCE
  • The published blog post link with your work is due to TEAMS on Friday – see the above template of what your post should look like – password = HCE

Wednesday, April 19 to Monday, April 24




  1. Today you will begin the first stages of your HCE assignment that is required for Grade 9; there is also an English component to your HCE assignment assessment
  2. The HCE assignment is due to your blog on Tuesday, April 25; you have today, tomorrow and Monday to work on it
  3. Here are the documents you will need for the assignment:
    1. HCE at Riverside
    2. Semester Two 2023 HCE Visual Analysis Assignment
    3. HCE Assignment Details
    4. Story Telling Arc for HCE
    5. Initial Notes on the Images

Wednesday April 5 – Friday, April 14

Agenda for the next six or seven days – Friday and Monday are holidays:

Tuesday, April 18

  1. Last day – review the turn-in process
  2. make sure you’ve edited the written parts and have everything in place on the blog post: documents, headings, images, tag, title, category
  3. turn-in is tonight

Monday, April 17

  1. you should have four images saved and one chosen to become your movie poster
  2. create your Movie Poster in Canva – see instructions
  3. write your reflection – see the instructions and the post TEMPLATE of how yours should look – password = DallEproject
  4. edit both the Story Synopsis and the Reflection for proper spelling, capitalization, sentences, and formal language – no ‘I’s or ‘you’s … etc.
  5. create your blog post:
    – remember to have headings
    – remember that you are uploading the written pieces as ‘Add Document” – see instructions
  6. The completed blog post with everything on it is due tomorrow:
    Title:                  OpenAI Film Posters
    Tag:                    openaifilmposters
    Category:         English 9
  7. you will turn in your PUBLISHED blog post link to TEAMS

Friday, April 14

  1. you should be finished your synopsis
  2. today you will generate your image – here is a website that gives tips on how to create a good prompt for the image generator
    – you have to be specific with your details: create a painting; render a 3D image; create a photo of
  3. See the AI image generators below
  4. Review how your post should look and the instructions for it (below)
  5. Remember, you need 4 possible images, then you choose ONE for your poster – you will be reflecting on why you chose the one you did later: if you are using an AI generator that only renders one image for O credits (night cafe) then you still have to upload four (but not full size) on the blog
  6. Choose the image you want to use TODAY and get started on your movie poster – this is due Monday, April 17

Thursday, April 13

  1. You will work for half the class on your synopsis: remember, it needs to be edited for spelling, proper sentences and capitalization etc.  Get another person to read over it for errors
  2. Discussion of other options for the text to image AI generators: Go to one of the following sites:

Wednesday, April 12

  1. #2 – 6 from the brainstorming section is due today
  2. write a ‘line’ from your story, either about the character, some part of the conflict (the climax) or the resolution using a figurative device; this is #7 on the brainstorming activity section
  3. We will review the synopsis written on The Sea Devil – see the link to what your blog post for the entire project should like below; you will start writing the synopsis of your story today (#8 on the brainstorming section of the instructions)

Tuesday, April 11

  1. you will continue to work on the brainstorming activity; # 2 – 6 on the document of the project (see #2 below) this is due tomorrow – Wednesday, April 12

Wednesday, April 5

here are the materials you need for the project:

  1.  Mr. Barazzuol’s teaching video
  2. The main ‘how-to’ document which includes: the instructions for the entire project, the brainstorming section (worth 10 marks), and space to write your synopsis: Shong – COL Movie Poster OpenAI Project 2023
  3. Link to Padlet with the examples of the themes; password = theme
  4. Timeline and steps: COL Dall-E Project Timeline
  5. Here is what your blog post should look like – password = DallEproject