Tuesday, April 23



  • Scales today: see the prompt in the Experimental Writing Tab
    • have your annotations out on the desk and your questions up on your desktop for me to check while you are writing
    • Discussion of Girl on Fire
    • if time we will start the Brainstorming sheet
      • all materials are in the Creative Writing Tab of the blog

Monday, April 22



  • Reading: New York Times Personal Narrative Contest Winners
    • don’t spend too much time looking through; pick two or three based on the intrigue of the title and settle in to reading
  • Discussion of A South African Storm – from Friday… get the notes if you were away…especially the annotations of devices
  • Girl on Fire – work on the questions – they are due tomorrow for HW and discussion; the questions are in the Creative Non-Fiction tab of the blog

Wednesday, Thursday – April 17, 18



  • double homework check and discussion: the annotations on the paper (Eclipsed) and the questions on the narrative
  • New narrative/personal essay in the Creative Non-Fiction tab
    • we will read and start on the questions
      • #1 is due tomorrow (Thursday)- you will have some time to work on the questions tomorrow, but all the work must be done before going into the Pro-D day (long weekend for you)

Monday, Tuesday – April 15, 16



  • Make sure that you have completed the homework from Friday on the short movie; I will be checking:
    1. Watch this short video Alike, and determine the symbolism, motifs and theme that emerge.
    2. Find a suitable epigraph that ‘speaks’ to the thematic insights into the human condition the film explores AFTER we discuss the chart:


  • Scales today! the prompt is in the Experimental Writing tab of the blog; remember to practice some of the skills you have learned so far: sentence variation, rhetorical and literary techniques, ‘show, don’t tell’
    • write in your Scales until 2:10 
    • those of who wrote the scales yesterday can read from the books at the back OR Read something from HERE
  • Read the Narrative Essay (Mentor text), Eclipse, then complete question #1 by annotating right on the paper copy, following the instructions outlined here: Motif Assignment and first Mentor Text
  • answer the rest of the questions (# 2 – 7) on the digital copy of the assignment: all of the work (#1 – annotations – and the questions are due tomorrow – Wednesday, April 17)
    • visit the Creative Non-Fiction tab for the resources which will help you do the above assignment; make sure you read through these resources and apply as many as you can, annotating right on the paper copy of the narrative, looking for examples of where the writer has manipulated the text for effect:
    • 10 Rhetorical Strategies
    • The Essay as a genre
    • grade 12 poetry terminology

Wednesday, April 10



  • make sure you have a paper copy of a decent – ‘almost there’ draft of your story
  • you will be peer-editing today and working on finishing your story
  • on Friday, when you hand in the final copy to TEAMS, make sure you bring the paper draft stapled to the peer-editing sheet to hand in as well
  • if you finish this process early, do the following:
    • are your Scales up to date? There have been three since we have returned from Spring Break
    • Read the journals at the back of the room, or some of the links that I have provided in the Content Curation and Reading tab

Tuesday, April 9



  • it’s not Monday reading (should have done this yesterday…)  – it’s Tuesday reading today…
    • if you are struggling for ideas to explore for your story, read through some of the content here for the first 10 mins of class or so…
    • Teen Ink – a great online and print magazine written by teens for teens
    • Teens in the New York Times
  • Have a printed (PAPER copy) and ‘mostly there’ draft for the beginning of tomorrow’s class
  • The final draft of the story is due to TEAMS by Friday, April 12

Monday, April 8



  • April is national poetry month! So, in honor of that, today’s Scale is to…
    • Keep a Haiku diary for a day with a minimum of three Haikus
    • A haiku is, generally, a three-line poem in which the lines contain five, seven, five syllables, respectively
    • you could compose a poem for each meal:
    • Fruit loops for breakfast
      My milk became a rainbow
      I gulped it all down 

      (courtesy of Jarrett Lerner)

    • …or each stage of your day: getting up, your school day, winding down in the evening or falling asleep – either way, make sure you have three Haikus for today’s Scale
    • Get up! yells my phone
      My body groans, unwilling 
      Tick, Tick…I’ll be late!

      Kathy Shong
  • Work on the dialogue assignment; review the assessment: Teen Tales through Dialogue Assessment
    • have a decent first draft of your story towards the end of tomorrow’s class for peer review

Thursday, Friday – April 4, 5



  • continue working on the Dialogue story:
    • a decent first draft is due on Tuesday for peer review


  • today you will begin the process of writing a short, short story (2 – 3 pages)
  • the instructions for it are in the short story tab of the blog
  • the first draft of the story is due Tuesday, April 9 for peer review – arrive with a printed paper copy!
    • sharing your writing for constructive feedback from someone other than the teacher is a good thing 🙂