Monday, March 27 – Welcome Back!



  • Free Rice or Bean Bean to warm up our brains
  • on March 1st, I posted these two items on the agenda:
    • Sentences Package #1 (read all of it, but do pages 5, 6) – it is a PDF, so if you can’t annotate, write out the work on a separate piece of paper.
      • make sure it is completed for tomorrow (Tuesday) for a homework check mark and review
    • Work on your New Media Blog Log 2023 assignment – this is due to your personal blog on Friday, March 31 – you will turn in the Blog Post link to TEAMS – the password for what your Blog Log post should look like is bloglog
  • you have all been given feedback for your article; make sure you are reading the comments and following the instructions for turning in Draft #2 which is due Wednesday, March 29.

Monday, March 26 – Welcome back!



  • Free Rice to warm up our brains
  • Work on Parallel Structure #1 from the Writing and Grammar – # 1  to 10 is due tomorrow for review and a homework check – if you do the digital online version you still have to have evidence that you did it. So either annotate on the PDF or write the answers down on a separate piece of paper
  • Re-read the Libraries Narrative essay; due tomorrow (Tuesday)
    • make sure you still have your paper copy; I will be checking for annotations on the essay itself on Tuesday, along with the answers to the other questions

Monday, March 6 to Friday, March 10

Agenda for this week:



  • check in with Ms. Shong:
  • you SHOULD by now have done the following:
    • set up the interview for today or tomorrow at the latest; if you had your interview already, you should have it transcribed… if you do not, get it done today
      • the interview and transcription becomes the basis of the Hard/Soft news story; you must decide what material from it will be a direct quote and what will paraphrased in your (the journalist’s) objective voice; remember direct quotes usually express important points or opinion; see this article as an example
      • feature/OpEd pieces: what from your research will you paraphrase? which points will you put into direct quotes? REMEMBER all sources that you use must be attributed directly in your writing/article; check out this article as an example
    • written your lead/hook
  • Your ‘good’ (edited) first draft is due Wednesday:
    • Hard/Soft news stories: two photos work well. One for the feature photo and the other an in-text photo
    • Feature/OpEd:  an online image (save the link to your work log). You will give credit to the website like this, for example:
    • live photo: stage it or take it at the event etc. – I can help with this process if need be; sometimes the person you are interviewing has access to photos that you can ask to use OR R’side social media sometimes has photos that we can get permission to use

Wednesday to Friday – March 1 to 3



  • In order of Priority:
    • 1. Work on your story:
      • Open your Work Log – use it to organizing the prep work for your…
    • News story – who are you interviewing? AND 4 to 5 questions for each person you are interviewing; where are they? what room and when?
    • set up your interviews for Thursday or Friday – show me your questions first
    • start thinking about your LEAD: who, what, where, when, and how – use the News Story template for a hard/soft news story
    • what is your feature photo for the story going to be? How will you get it? Will you stage it? Go to an event?
    • Feature Story: what is your angle? what do you want to communicate to your reader? Remember this is not a research report and neither do we just regurgitate what is on the internet, your writing needs your VOICE and take on the issue! What will your hook be? (see the document and resources on a hook in the Eddy Documents Tab)
    • do your research: reading articles, pulling quotes you might use, saving the website links, find a pic to use for the feature photo – SAVE everything to your Work Log so you can cite it in the article/post later.
    • see the feature story template and start writing in it
    • 2. If you are waiting on an interview etc.,  start #3 in the list of Sentence Structure Documents: Sentences Package #1 (read all of it, but do pages 5, 6) – it is a PDF, so if you can’t annotate, write out the work on a separate piece of paper.
    • 3. Work on your New Media Blog Log 2023 assignment
  • While you are quietly working, I will set up your Eddy user accounts

Tuesday, February 28



  • Review the first round of content with names – in the content tab
  • review the procedural documents for getting ready to work on your document – all in the Eddy Documents tab:
    • templates: there is one for hard news and the feature story
    • list of procedures:
      • whom do you need to speak to – where are they and when: block, room, etc.?
      • What questions do I ask them?
      • what research do I have to do?
    • work log: keep it up to date
    • how to attribute a source
    • rubrics: read the Hard News Story one and the Feature Story One
    • interview techniques

Monday, February 27



  • discussion of the content:
    • what steps do you take from here?
    • remember ALL documents that relate to producing content for the Eddy are in the Eddy Document tab
  • work on the grammar document (see last week’s agendas for which documents) – due tomorrow
  • work on the Blog log document – due Thursday

Monday, February 27 to Friday, March 10

Agenda for the next week and a half

Timeline of Dates:


  • One: intro to the project
  • Two: Barazzuol video, choose group and topic, download Audacity or another similar recording tool
  • Three: Research in the Library; Ms. Henderson will show you various Data Research Engines and tips -SAVE all website links on your shared document
  • Four: write your script (see the ‘how to script a podcast’ document)
  • Five: use the microphones to record
  • Six: Write the reflection and create the post


  • Monday, February 2
  • Tuesday, February 28
  • Wednesday, March 1 (short class: 9 – 10 for STREAM and Capstone presentations)
  • Thursday, March 2
  • Friday March 3 and Monday, March 6
    • Finish up the research, and….
    • Start recording your script (6 – 8 mins in length) using…
      • Bensound for music: choose appropriately for the serious nature of your Podcast
      • Audacity….some tips:
      • close Audacity and then plug in Mic, then re-open Audacity – for it to recognize the Mic
      • Remember the serious nature of your subject; you do not want a monotone voice but neither do you want to be jolly, as if you are discussing the latest fashion trends -TONE matters
  • Tuesday, March 7 and Wednesday, March 8
    • Recording and use of Mics continued
    • Start thinking about your reflection and core competency – see the project instructions
  • Thursday, Friday – March 9, 10

    • finish up any editing and export to One Drive
    • Share the completed Audio file on One Drive with each other because everyone needs their OWN copy of the podcast on their blog post
    • if the file is too large to upload to Edublog
    • work on your reflection. Here is a Core Competency document that can help you with your reflection
    • Create your post; it should look something like this (password = podcast)
    • Make sure you have the following on your post:
      • a title to the post: Indigenous Exploration – “Your Topic”
      • an intro statement into the project that gives some context to it
      • your Podcast recording
      • some images
      • your reflection: see #5 on Mr. Barazzuol’s instructions; also this document can help you think through the competencies: Core Competency Reflection Guide English 9 COL
      • your sources at the bottom (links etc.)
      • Categorize: English 9

      • TAG = INDpodcast23

Monday, February 27 to Tuesday, March 7



Monday, Feb 27

  • Review theme statements and Hopepunk quotes
  • Discuss the Synthesis essay assignment and documents – all the materials are in the SS tab

Tuesday, Feb 28

  • we will look at the Verbs for Analysis document and the rubric
  • word day

Wednesday, March 1 (short day due to Capstone projects in STREAM)

  • work day: you should by now have completed the graphic organizer and started your draft

Thursday, March 2

  • Review quote integration rules and the MLA Citation ‘how to’ document
  • work day

Friday, March 3

  • you should be well on your way with your essay; the skeletal bones are there and you’re adding the muscle 🙂
  • work day

Monday, March 6

  • the ‘good’ draft copy in PAPER is due; EVERYONE must have a 98% finished paper copy of the essay; print it at home or at school!!!
  • you will get an editor to use the checklist to review your essay (or you or someone else you are comfortable with), and you will do theirs
  • first part of class to edit the paper – INK IT UP!!!
  • second part of class, we will start the new unit:
    • we will start looking at rhetorical writing strategies; parallel structure both as grammatical concept and a stylistic device
    • begin the Narrative writing/personal essay/ creative non-fiction unit

Tuesday, March 7

  • digital final draft is due to TEAMS tonight
  • bring your draft copy with the edits and the Editing Checklist to hand in on Wednesday
  • we will begin the new writing unit: narrative/personal/creative non-fiction unit
    • after the break, you will be writing one of your own
    • we will look at rhetorical strategies
    • we will read exemplars