Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – Nov 7 – 9



  • This rest of this week are the class days set aside for working on your narrative essay
  • next Tuesday’s class will not be for working on your narrative; we are moving on to the novel study
  • The narrative essay will be due to TEAMS next Thursday, November 16
    • after this Thursday, any help you need will have to be done outside of class: lunch or after school
    • you must bring in a ‘good’ draft next Thursday, and your graphic organizer (digital copy) should be saved for a homework check

Monday – Friday, October 23 – 27



Monday, October 23

  • work day – be prepared to show the skeleton of your essay, which you will be adding the ‘muscle’ to
  • basically, I want to see evidence that you have started writing and have moved beyond the Graphic Organizer

Tuesday, October 24

  • MLA citation will be reviewed today – all materials for this are on the short story tab of the blog
  • work block on the essay

Wednesday, October 25

  • we will begin the Narrative writing/personal essay/ creative non-fiction unit – reading exemplars and answering questions
    • What is a narrative essay? What does Show not Tell mean?
    • Coca Cola commercial Padlet activity – work in a group of two or three
    • if time, we will look at the first essay, The Prom
    • we will start looking at more rhetorical writing strategies;  parallel structure and other devices

Thursday and Friday, October 26, 27

  • the ‘good’ draft copy in PAPER is due; EVERYONE must have a 99% finished paper copy of the essay; print it at home or at school!!!
  • you will get an editor to use the checklist to review your essay (or you or someone else you are comfortable with), and you will do theirs
  • we will continue with the narrative writing unit

Friday, Oct 27

  • the essay will be turned into TEAMS at the end of the day, but…
  • you must have an edited (inked up copy) and the Synthesis editing sheet stapled together and turned in to Ms. Shong before you leave class
  • The Prom questions are due on Monday, Oct 30

Friday, October 6



  • Horses of the Night – questions #3 – 8 are due
    • make sure each answer has evidence that you revisited the text (story) to support your ideas
  • Questions #9 A – D and #10 are due Tuesday, October 10 – these answers also need evidence of revisiting the the text
  • Please bring the signed movie form to school on Tuesday if you are not yet 18