Wednesday, Thursday – May 5, 6



  • Review conversation from last class: what did you learn? or what was re-enforced regarding what you already understand about Mental Health?
  • Watch the short film “Feeling Through”
  • work on the questions – class discussion (in the New Media tab)
  • Begin the Instagram Assignment: due next class
  • Grammar: more review on types of sentences: #4 Types of Sentences Review Package (in the Eddy documents tab)
    • due next class:

Monday, Tuesday – May 3, 4


  • 1. Mental Health Week:

  • Mental Health Videos – prompts
  • 2. what is journalism? why do we need journalism in a….
    • Democratic Society – Broccoli and Cheese – Journalism in the digital age; History of the Eddy – look at other High School Newspapers
    • Types of News:
    • view the Eddy tabs for types of content
    • News Values
    • Same topic, different styles of writing – document #1 in Eddy Documents
    • The Hard News story – Pyramid style of writing – how to
    • look at examples of Hard News – the Flood

Wednesday, April 28 – Online class


  • review the assignment:
    • Milanote
    • content requirements
  • Grammar Review
    • download Practice with Sentences – in the Eddy Documents Tab (password protected) – #2 under the heading Sentence Structure Documents
  • I have revised the due date for the Intro-assignment: Sunday, May 2nd at noon – embedded on your blog:
    • when you have the code, change the width and height in the blog post from:  width=”800″ height=”500″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>       
      • TO     width=”1600″ height=”1000″

Welcome to New Media 11 – April 26


Email me:

Email Etiquette for students – New Media 11

  • subject line: New Media 11 Q4
  • Please email me the link for your English 11 blog. NOT your GENERAL link – your ENGLISH 11-tab link! The URL should have English 11 at the end of it.


  1. Wheel Activity

Introductory Assignment: Introductory Assignment 2021

How to get started with Milanote

Rubric: Intro-assignment rubric – The Internet is Awesome