Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Sept 18, 19, 20




  • Homework check for #1 and 2 Pathways to Theme with Beekle
  • play Free Rice during the HW check



  • continue with Beekle… discussion
  • start work on the Pathways to Theme document for Beekle (in the inquiry tab)



  • one more video:
    • feelings? purpose? evidence? questions that emerge from the big idea explored?
  • Beekle: in groups of 2 or 3 answer the questions
  • if time, Pathways to Theme with Beekle

Thursday, Friday – September 14, 15




  • Introduction to Inquiry into the Human Condition
  • what is the human condition? discussion
  • we will review quotes, images, and videos from the Inquiry Tab to discuss the HC
  • Create a document, title it Exploration into the Human Condition


  • continuation of yesterday’s activities
  • discussion of the turn-in to TEAMS for your intro-writing assignment, which is due tonight


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – September 11, 12, 13





  • Assembly today – the class will be called down to the gym and we will sit in the same area as a class
  • Work day for the intro-write assignment
  • review the template quickly again



A bit of silent reading time, Free Rice or Bean Bean

Begin work on the intro-writing assignment – steps (RED TAB):

  1. decide on the symbolic objects, actions, people or place/s that have a corresponding abstract meaning for you
  2. decide whether you will draw or create a digital collage and begin
  3.  start writing utilizing the analytical verbs from the instructions
  4. see the template to make sure you are formatting your document correctly


Monday is a shortened schedule day:


  • Homework check for the Interpreting images assignment; please play either of the following English Language enrichment games during the homework check:
  • Introduction to the writing assignment (all materials will be posted in the RED tab at the top on Monday)

Welcome to English Honours 9

The Agenda for the week of Wednesday, Sept 6 to Friday, Sept 7:



    • Introductions and Attendance – find a seat… seating will change as the semester progresses, BUT for the time being you MUST TAKE THE SAME SEAT so I can learn your name through the seating plan I’m creating today:
      • when I call your name, please raise your hand and tell me which Captain Holt you’re feeling today
    • Work or your Blog and ADL 10 assignment:
      • personalize the About Me page
      • choose a theme for your Edublog
      • work on your Digital Footprint assignment – in TEAMS


    • Attendance – SAME SEATS AS YESTERDAY!!!
      • when I call your name, please raise your hand and tell me which Stanley you’re feeling today
    • Play Kahoot
    • Today we will go over the overview for the course and some of the classroom procedures: English Honours 9 Overview Fall 2023
      • Organizational:
      • Discuss the Formative Assessment piece with the Achievement indicators: Achievement Indicators
        • work with a partner to fill out the sheet


    • Attendance – SAME SEATS AS YESTERDAY!!!
      • attendance question: Would you Rather?….
    • Discuss and review the achievement indicators from yesterday
    • Post your answers here = password hons9
    • Then… first part of the assignment: Interpreting images