English 12

Introductory Assignment:


  1.  The Vocabulary of AI
  2. Learning about the Rhetorical Appeals:
    1. What are they? Rhetoric Powerpoint
    2. Visual of Pathos, Logos, and Ethos
    3. Video – the appeals
    4. Appeals in advertising
    5. analysis of the Super man photo for Logos, Ethos, Pathos


  1. Annotations on the AI Ted Talks
  2. Con – ChatGPT article
  3. ChatGPT Is Coming for Classrooms Pro Article

The Essay Instructions

  1. English 12 Intro-Write Fall 2023
  2. Intro – Persuasive Essay Assessment Rubric
  3. How I used Chat GPT
  4. Chat GPT Essay Checklist


Documents to help you write your argumentative composition

Some organizational thoughts about the assignment and process

 The WHAT:

Notes on the TED TALKS:

Con – Sam Harris Pro Maurice Conti

Other articles/documents to help you with the WHAT for the essay:

Resources Pro and Con …as well as a graphic organizer

Con: The End of High School English Con article

Con: Guardian Article

Pro: Pro – ChatGPT Don’t Ban ChatGPT teach with it

both perspectives: ChatGPT Podcast Transcript

The HOW:

Hook and rhetoric examples by Chat GPT

Formatting and Attribution


Statements of Transition, Argument, Setting up sources

 The Essay as a genre

10 Rhetorical Strategies


  • Ms. Shong’s email – kshong@sd43.bc.ca
  • the daily agenda is posted on the tab “Today in English 12”
  • Course documents for each unit can be found in the pull-down menus. You will need a password to access the documents.

Some helpful links for English 12:


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