Monday, May 6 to Friday, May 10




  • we will begin with a writing warm-up
  • tone exercises
  • work on the Review – extension to Monday, May 13
  • BUT you also need to start coming up with your topic for SW – see the resources on the Poetry tab of the blog, but start with the document called:
    • Plan, Perfect, Practice, Perform – you don’t ‘fill’ out this document, but use it as a guide/stepsĀ  to do all your brainstorming, writing of drafts, up to the final one for your performance in your journal.



  • Spoken Word Activities
  • Work on your Review


  • a look at some “Masters of Spoken Word”
  • Spoken Word Warm-up activity in your journals (Scales or if you have another one)
  • Work on your Review assignment


  • Scales combo with Spoken Word Warm-ups – prompt is in the Experimental Writing Tab
  • We will discuss Spoken Word – intro to the materials in the Poetry Tab of the blog
  • write down your intentions for the review … provide a few details about the creative, cultural piece that you are reviewing – be prepared to share with me….start working on it – BUT FIRST…
    • go over the Review Assignment and the Assessment Rubric – in the Creative Non-Fiction tab of the blog – start work on it.
    • It will be due to TEAMS on Friday, May 10

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