Inquiry Of What Do You Remember Of The Evacuation

When dealing with racism, and someone is using discrimination, it may lead to one feeling shame towards their culture.

What is an effect racism have one ones self?

In the poem “What Do You Remember Of The Evacuation” by Joy Kogawa, The author is being shipped out of Vancouver and deported somewhere else because of  the war. On the journey, she doesn’t understand why only her people are being deported.  It was then when she started to receive some of the effects of racism. She started her journey being proud of her roots, not aware why all the white children weren’t receiving the same treatment as her. Proudly, she wrote her name in Japanese, and was confused why Lorraine Life looked down at her in disgust and “ spat on [her] anyways”(line 36). By the end of the poem, the author no longer confident in her heritage because she didn’t want to receive all the judgment. The whites were judging her as a nation, and not as a person. When one is faced with racism, they lose pride in who they are. Despite the fact that she grew up in Canada, because of the way she looked she was discriminated against. By that happening she no longer felt pride in who she was and wished she “might be white”(line 39).





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