Week 3 : Absolute Value Of A Real Number – Simplyfying Radicals

The absolute value of a number is its distance from 0
Example : The absolute value of 3 or -3 is 3 because they have same distance from 0 and absolute value of 3.

The symbol for absolute value is a bar |∣vertical bar on each side of the number.

Example : The absolute value of 25, we can write it like this : |25|=25

Simplyfying Radicals :

A radical is a number that has a fraction as its exponent.

Example :

\sqrt{20}= \sqrt{4.5}

\sqrt{20} : Intire
2\sqrt{5} : a mix of whole numbers and radicals

Another example : \sqrt{75}= \sqrt{25.3}

Ex: \sqrt[3]{96}= \sqrt[3]{16.6}=2\sqrt[3]{12}

\sqrt[3]{-81}= \sqrt[3]{-27.3}=-3\sqrt[3]{3}