Week 18 : Top 5 things I have learned from Pre-Cals11

1/ I learned about function but it’s more deeper than the program I studied in my home country. It was like we just know the way how to solve it faster. But in Pre-Cals11 I can know a lot of diffirent way like Factoring-Complete the Square- Quadractic Formula. Or a lot of diffirent type like parabola, hyperbola, linear,…

2/ Second one, after a lot of test. I just leanred about like I should be careful when i do the test. Also sort the time suitable for myself to complete it well.

3/ Third one, I learned how to share and discusted in group about the problem Ms.Burton teach in class.

4/ Fifth, about Absolute Value, it was like the things i studied before in my country. But for a long time, so i forgot a lot but right now i am studying it again, it reminds me a lot. And also know a lot of faster way to do it

5/ Last one, Before when i was still studying in Vietnam, i hated to do about graphing or drawn something a lot. Because it’s kinda complicated but when i study about graphing here, parabola, linear, asymptotes. It really made me insteresting and changed my mind.

Especially, Pre-Calculus helps me realized a lot of thing like i should more be careful when i do test and dont rush.!

Week 16 : Application of Rational Equations

This week we learned about application of rational equations.

The key for this part :

First : Read the problem slowly and carefully what is being asked.
Second : Introduce a variable to represent an unknown number
Third : Write an equation the questions gave then solve
And the last one : Write anser in sentence with the unit (km/h,cm..)

Note : less than, up stream (-), greater than or added, down stream (+)

Let’s start with example to know more about it :

Example :

Myra takes 2 hours to plant 450 flower bulbs. Francis takes 3 hours to plant 525 flower bulbs. Working together, how long should it take them to plant 1500 bulbs?

Week 9 : Equivalent forms

This week we learned about equivalent forms.

So In short this chapter.

We learned 3 form to write quadratic function :

First one : General form : y=ax^2+bx+c

Second one : Standard form : y=a(x-q)^2+p

And the last one : Factored form : y=a(x-x1)(x-x2)

Cause factored form is new one we just learned so i will introduce little bit about it.

Let’s start with example :

And beside how can we change from the general from to factored or standard from. I will show you right now.