Blog log #3 – Article : How to Be More Resilient

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The way of author write this article is fascinating. Mindfulness, meditating, noticing my brain’s activity, thoughts and strengthening my ability to change them if beneficial, have all been very helpful to my being happier, more relaxed and confident in this life. Besides that, I’m surprised the author did not mention the trait of “conscientiousness” – in writing about awareness, control since it is well-known to be associated with all types of good things in life ranging from getting good grades to a stable, happy marriage to better health to career success. Like others, I was also disappointed in the lack of concrete suggestions. What it did make me think of though was whether music, sports, and other programs have the impact they do on disadvantaged youth not only by providing an outlet but by teaching them and having them practice discipline leading to more conscientiousness and self-control. Over the years many people have often called me resilient. Whether it’s bouncing back from the loss of a loved one or overcoming a life obstacle such as cancer, my style is to just do what I have to do and then move on. In actuality, this is not a conscious decision, but rather, it’s a way of living. It’s a choice and a lifestyle.

Blog Log #2 – Article : Meet The Creator Of Egg That Broke Instagram

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I think the way the author wrote this article has little bit positive vision about the egg, so why? This egg is a symbol of the colossal idiocy of social media and the concept of followers. I would have chosen a sheep as the object of this account to show the utter banality of following something or someone you neither know nor care much about. The post call quickly gained worldwide support with hashtags like “click on eggs” or “egg warriors” and it’s viral all social media I use like Facebook, Instagram. Specifically? This egg is neither male, female, gay, straight, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, European, Asian, American. It just basically symbolizes for universal in the entire world. It also gives us a meaningful message through the quotes: “Pressure of social media is getting to me.” a message about mental health that a particular egg transmits. I think it’s interesting and glad to be a part to make it becomes a photo have most liked on Instagram.

Blog Log #1 – Article: What Lunar New Year Reveals About the World’s Calendars ?

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Through the artile we can see how author says about variety between Asians calendar and world’s calendar. Every traditional community cultural activity has two parts: the festival and the festival. With the Lunar New Year, there may be many opinions that the festival is the main because it is still called “Tet” in Vietnam. However, with my the traditional cultural perspective as a Vietnamese people, during the Lunar New Year, the ceremony is focused and implemented more. Although it may have been prepared months ago, December has always been a sprint time. The first and most important thing is to worry about visiting, embellishing and restoring ancestral graves and grandparents to show their affection and regret towards the deceased. Then in the tray of rice in the thirtieth year of the year, how many incense sticks and fruits and spring-day dishes together with the heart of the people are revered, looking forward to the ancestors, the gratitude for the past year and praying for the coming year to be safe and prosperous. Meanwhile, Asian countries, including Vietnam, often use the lunar calendar, which means the new year will start later, between January and February, even in Burma often in April. I think calendar systems are complicated because the number of days in a month or a year is not fixed. The lunar calendar is based on observing the astronomical cycle, while the solar calendar is divided into sets of days similar to the astronomical cycle that’s why between Asian’s calendar and world calendar have big differences.

Corrections Synthesis Essay – How Does One Cope with Hardship in Residential School?

Correction – Synthesis Essay (Indian Horse-Sugar Falls)-2bo1xo7


Two things I did well:
I paid attention to details and worked hard to get it right.
Organize it on the outline logically to prepare for the final one.

Two things I need to improve:
Add more details and relevant quotes
Minor formatting issues

Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese

Sugar Fall by David Alexander Roberton

Desmos Art Functions Card 2018

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This Desmos project helped me re-studied all the knowledge I’ve learned about graphing in Pre-Calculus 12 this year.

I started this project by finding some chibi (kind of Korean cartoon) on google and I re-draw it on my paper.


This is a fairly challenging and difficult project during the process of my work because it is difficult for me to find the right equation to create the shape I want. I have to try every number until it became the image I want. Sometimes I felt really stressed out and confused to fill in number to make the shape for my art.

I used a lot of exponential and quadratic function to create it perfectly since the day I’ve started my spring break. I decided that the first part (Head-Face) was about the draw in the x-axis and y so that I could easily adjust the curve of the face. Next, I moved to create the hair and this is the hardest part because I used 73 functions to make hair it took me 3 days to use (quadratic, semicircle, trig, radical, rational, log) and played with sketches to end up with best looks fit with some help from my friends as well. At first, I found it time-consuming to do the transformation so that the lines are connected, as well as to reach the right size and angles. However, I gradually got used to the amount of shifting the numbers affected the functions, and I was able to work faster.

After that, all others part it kind of easy to figure out the right function to put in. I could figure out most of my problems by myself then, and I learned so many things from doing this project and re-study some of it I forgot.

Generally, this project was really useful for me as well. It just wasted a lot of time to complete it. I hope it will help me to remember all the stuff from Log, Rational, Trig unit that I forgot and get ready to doing well for the final exam coming soon.

Process: 4/4
Folders: 2/2
Self-Portrait: 4/4
Holiday Card: 4/4
Equations: 6/6
Function Notation: 10/10
Creativity and Complexity of Equations: 10/10
Total mark: 40/40

Narrative Essay Corrections | Core-Competencies-Self Assessment

Here is my narrative corrections and Spoken Word Self-Assessment.

Core-Competencies-Self-Assessment-Word-1p08z9z-s4yqsnNarrative Essay Final – Near Death Experience 1-2mmzdk9

Narrative Essay Final – Near Death Experience 1-2mmzdk9

Reflection for Narrative Essay :

I’m so proud of my narrative essay because I truly to share my story experience to anyone. Besides that, it taught me how to organize my idea on paper like brainstorm first and help my thinking skills more stronger.

Food and You – Correction

Name: Kirby, Nguyen Anh Dung

Date: October 1st, 2018

Food and You

High-quality Vietnamese cuisine

Green Lemongrass restaurant in Vancouver is special to me because it sells all of the Vietnamese traditional delicacies, and the taste reminds me of my memories when I was still in Vietnam.

My first impression, it is not a simple Vietnamese restaurant like others in Vancouver. This restaurant has heavy Vietnamese accents with décor that can reflect dramatic scenes from a lot of Vietnamese tourist attractions. The menu items are inspired by famous Vietnamese authors. Besides, they use agricultural materials to decorate the atmosphere; they masterfully combine the modernity of the West and the modesty of the traditional Vietnamese culture. It is simple and brightly lit. The outside makes it look newer and more modern than it is on the inside. The atmosphere makes me feel like I am eating in my home country because there is a lot of typical furniture (wooden table) with the pictures of tourist attractions (Bana Hills, Hoi An, Danang City) in Vietnam. Immortal love songs (ballad) of Vietnam in the 1980s resound with melodies just like my beautiful memories of my grandma singing to me every night. I was also fascinated by the unique but familiar taste of a bowl of pho recreated by the staff.

As soon as I entered with Andrea (my homestay mom), we were greeted and told to sit where ever we wanted. We sat down at our seats, and they brought us some tea and menus. Their menu is quite extensive, offering a variety of dishes: slight variations of noodle bowls, rice dishes, spring rolls, salad rolls, etc. I decided to choose a rare round steak and beef balls with lychee on ice. My host mom chose lemongrass chicken and pork chops rice, papaya, salad rolls (she asked for extra peanut sauce) and dried beef. The food came out right away, and it was extremely tasty. First of all, it was very traditional with great presentation. Our papaya salad with dried beef was a great starter, tasted nice and fresh. Our egg rolls were wrapped in rice paper (Vietnamese style), and they tasted great. The broth for the pho was not too salty, and I did not feel thirsty after eating it. The soup was flavorful; the tomato added a nice tang, the beef is tender, and the noodles were cooked just right. I also noticed that the plate of bean sprouts was very clean and the veggies were not old at all. There was also plenty of basil, and they have also included a chili and traditional Vietnamese vegetables (cilantro). The service was good, and the friendly staff gave us some extra dessert. Just by writing this, I can recall the fresh scent of lemongrass, the steam coming from my noodle bowl and many other remarkable smells that reminded me so much of home.

It brings and holds a lot of memories and amazing experiences of my country while I’m living far away from home. The prices and service are cheaper with the others in Vancouver. The real value here is the fantastic ambiance and a great bowl of Pho noodles or a plate of rice. Of all the Vietnamese restaurants along Kingsway street, this one is definitely worth a return visit. I highly suggest this restaurant to anyone who wants to try Vietnamese food to visit Green Lemongrass in order to get a traditional, authentic taste of Vietnam.

(576 words)

Reflection :

I proud of my great imagery with variety idea about Pho noodle. I think I tried my best to use academic vocabulary and grammar to make my essay more interesting to you (reader) but still have some big mistake on grammar. I hope next time I can work more on grammar so my essay will be better to get the distinction mark because my goal is not only an average mark like around 60-70%. I will study hard to get a high mark (over 80%)