Blog Log #2 – Article : Meet The Creator Of Egg That Broke Instagram

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I think the way the author wrote this article has little bit positive vision about the egg, so why? This egg is a symbol of the colossal idiocy of social media and the concept of followers. I would have chosen a sheep as the object of this account to show the utter banality of following something or someone you neither know nor care much about. The post call quickly gained worldwide support with hashtags like “click on eggs” or “egg warriors” and it’s viral all social media I use like Facebook, Instagram. Specifically? This egg is neither male, female, gay, straight, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, European, Asian, American. It just basically symbolizes for universal in the entire world. It also gives us a meaningful message through the quotes: “Pressure of social media is getting to me.” a message about mental health that a particular egg transmits. I think it’s interesting and glad to be a part to make it becomes a photo have most liked on Instagram.