Fahrenheit 451 Visual

I drew this picture because it relates to all my sources from the essay with a different perspective about the same issues how taking over our lives, also want to warn our young generation about a human being controlled by social media, technology. Speaking from experience, as a teen who always spends most of the time on the smartphone, I have just been enlightened of how much time we teens actually spend on technology on the daily. Having actually going outside and read books it has helped me understand a greater meaning to life, one that does not rely on Snapchat or Facebook. I have come to realize that technology is making us lazier “Time to do everything except think”. Technology indeed takes up our time and makes us lazy like one of the scenes from “Wall-E”. People just sit at one place and all the work f by robots and technology. Technology is corrupting the innocence of children. Stripping them of a deserved childhood. What happened to children playing in the garden, playing with their toys? Oh, I know, it became a virtual reality. Everywhere I look children are glued to their iPads and iPhones. Technology is controlling peoples’ minds and thoughts.

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