Blog log #3 – Article : How to Be More Resilient

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The way of author write this article is fascinating. Mindfulness, meditating, noticing my brain’s activity, thoughts and strengthening my ability to change them if beneficial, have all been very helpful to my being happier, more relaxed and confident in this life. Besides that, I’m surprised the author did not mention the trait of “conscientiousness” – in writing about awareness, control since it is well-known to be associated with all types of good things in life ranging from getting good grades to a stable, happy marriage to better health to career success. Like others, I was also disappointed in the lack of concrete suggestions. What it did make me think of though was whether music, sports, and other programs have the impact they do on disadvantaged youth not only by providing an outlet but by teaching them and having them practice discipline leading to more conscientiousness and self-control. Over the years many people have often called me resilient. Whether it’s bouncing back from the loss of a loved one or overcoming a life obstacle such as cancer, my style is to just do what I have to do and then move on. In actuality, this is not a conscious decision, but rather, it’s a way of living. It’s a choice and a lifestyle.

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