February Foods 12 Lab Reflection

It’s been one month since I took the Food And Nutrition 12 class. We made a lot of food every day and we have fun. It is always the most relaxing and exciting class of my whole day and I’ve learned a lot!!! The lab I want to reflect the most is the Sunflower Crepes. I pretty like this dish, because, in this dish, it covers all the ingredients I like such as bacon, eggs,  and cheese.  Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day, especially when you’re working with the finest ingredients such as eggs and bacon. From making the Sunflower Crepes it was a success, we all had something to do, we had finished on time, and when they were ready and we got to eat them, they tasted delicious. What really helped the Sunflower Crepes turn out the way we wanted them to be was just overall teamwork and making sure to communicate before we had started the lab on what everyone was going to do, so then we would have enough time to eat them and get out in time with having eaten them. When the sunflower crepes came out of the oven, you could just smell the deliciousness. With the sweet crape but the savory flavors inside like the egg, cheese, bacon, and green onion the flavors just complimented each other perfectly. Though the sunflower crapes didn’t look the prettiest the flavor really made up for that but it was a really enjoyable lab and everyone played a part in helping make this lab successful. The hardest part of the lab would have to be making the crapes because it was really challenging for me to flip the crapes and at times I’d accidentally create little holes in the crapes but luckily I had a couple of good ones but out of the lab that is the hardest thing so far. If I were to do this lab again I’d be more patient with flipping the crapes and ask for help if I was having troubles so I can see what I’m doing wrong and seek for the correct way to complete the task at hand. What would have helped to make this lab have a more desirable outcome, is being more careful with the crepes when setting it up. Since we ripped through so many, we were focused more on distributing the remaining toppings equally than anything else. If I were to do this again, I would be much more careful and considerate when handling the crepes. I believe we also took the crepes out earlier than intended, making the tops of the sunflower crepes hang lifelessly and soggy. If I were to do this again, I would definitely be more cautious of the temperature and timing while baking it. This was the first lab that we had done where we really did split the work evenly and communicated effectively.

Settling Into Peace

  • How would you describe the first few years after WWI in Canada? Who was happy, who wasn’t, and why? Evidence?

Workers are not happy because of the low wages and lack of collective bargaining. The evidence in this regard was the general strike in Winnipeg and many other strikes in Canada at the time.
Before these strikes, employers were happy because they had a lot of control over workers and could pay very little.
The veterans were not happy because they worked hard on the battlefield in the country, but there was no feedback. They are also not happy that those who did not go to the battlefield earned millions when they left.

  • Was there any point to the Winnipeg General Strike?

I used to point to the general strike in Winnipeg because it deprived workers of their rights. The government was worried that workers would have a violent communist uprising and they decided to fire all workers. If they don’t go back to work, the workers’ rights will be reduced and the government has to step in.

  • Why did the Liberals win the election of 1921?

The liberals won because they held a middle ground on tariffs. This makes them dislike any particular province, so it attracts more people, so more people will vote for them.

Canada Divided

  • Find primary evidence: How did Canadians feel about conscription? Who supported it and who didn’t?

Canadians have no support for conscription because people know that on the battlefield, they only greet them, not the glory of those posters. Many people don’t want to go to life, and they feel that there are already many people on the battlefield. The war is almost over, and no need to send people to the front.
















  • What are the messages in the political cartoons?









Berlin is the site of Germany, and Berlin is still a small chicken in the picture. Berlin has become a chicken, and it can be seen that Germany has been weakened because Berlin is the capital of Germany and the largest city in Germany. However, other countries are still trying to send people to the battlefield. It can be seen that other countries are not resisting at the moment, but they are becoming resistant.

  • Was the Khaki Election rigged or just better democracy?

It is manipulated, because if we don’t allow him to win again, then more Canadians will be at home instead of fighting, which means that fewer people in the war help me find the image that we should be war rather than party Vote for the vote. UG is helping soldiers fight by recruiting new people and forcing ordinary people to join the war.

  • Was the government acting in the interests of the public when enacting conscription?

When the conscription system was enacted, the government did not serve the public interest. Just look at Ginger Goodwin and he ran away because he did not participate in the war. Ginger Goodwin’s death on July 27, 1918, was the result of an unfortunate, but an inevitable encounter with the provincial law. People don’t want to participate in the war because they are not interested in fighting.

SS10 Research

Canada Responds to war

  • To what extend did Canadians support the war (find primary evidence)?

I think Canada is very supportive of this war. They sent supply ships and soldiers to Europe. They recruited people for the army and trained them so they could help fight.

“Canadians marched and sang in the streets at the declaration of war in early August 1914. Those who opposed the war largely stayed silent. Even in Quebec, where pro-British sentiment was traditionally low, there was little apparent hostility to a voluntary war effort.” “Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden and his Cabinet quickly agreed to meet Britain’s request for a Canadian contingent of 25,000 troops. The government also passed the War Measures Act, giving it the authority to do whatever it thought necessary for the “security, defense, peace, order and welfare of Canada.”

– research from https://www.warmuseum.ca/firstworldwar/history/going-to-war/canada-enters-the-war/enthusiastic-reaction-to-war/

  • Search for “Canada WWI war propaganda”, what are the posters trying to make you do and how are they supposed to make you feel? Find some and share your favourites.

Many of them try to get you to purchase Victory Bonds and tell people that they should join the army. A lot of them tell people to save and grow their own food.










  • How did the war affect Canada’s development as a nation?

Evolution of a War Economy – “Due to the combined demands of military service, industry, and agriculture, unemployment had virtually ceased in Canada by 1916.”

Impressive Expansion of Scope and Production – “Under the supervision of Flavelle, the Council oversaw the impressive expansion of wartime production and produced a total of approximately $2 million worth of goods per day.”

Organizing Wartime Production – “Canada’s Minister of Militia and Defence, Sam Hughes, initially established a Shell Committee to coordinate production, but its failure to deliver on contracts led to angry recriminations between Canada and Britain and widespread rumours of corruption.”

Taxing Income and Profits – “Most Canadians paid no tax at all, and those who did pay, paid very little.”

Research from Financing the War

Through the First World War, the Canadians left a place in the world at that time, let people begin to understand Canada and recognize the power of Canada.

Conditions on the Front:

  • What was it like to fight on land, sea and in the air?

War is dangerous. On the land, warriors often use trenches, but grenades are very dangerous for people in the trenches. And in the rainy days, there is a lot of water in the trenches, which is easy to breed bacteria. Long-term combat may lead to inflammation or disease of the joints of the feet. At sea, large battleships are mainly used for combat. The Germans used submarines but only used to attack supply ships because they had to surface to launch torpedoes. The war in the air is also very dangerous because the aircraft may malfunction, be shot down, or the ammunition is insufficient, but no parachute was invented at the time.

  • What are some important Canadian contributions to the war on land, sea and in the air?

A lot of the best pilots were Canadian. It was a Canadian who shot down the Red Baron.

  • What are the common themes in the poems? What do they tell you about how soldiers felt about the war?

Many poems talk about the death of people and the harsh conditions of war. Most soldiers think that war is terrible and not as great and glorious as they were told.

SS10 Reflections Nov.26

After studying, I learn something more about the history of Canadian and first nations people, and some mistake that Canada government made. Canada is not as “so” free as people know. Like racism in 1900-1914, and inequality in women’s societies, whether it should be free to fall in love, extends to the reconciliation between the First Nations and the Canadian people. All of them represent the progress and development of Canada, but the reconciliation between the First Nations and the Canadian people is not as simple as we think.

The people of Canada, for the First Nations, have too much to owe them. All kinds of laws indicate that the Canadian people were unfair to the First Nations at that time, as a residential school. In residential schools, the First Nations are strictly controlled and can only communicate in English and write in Latin. How can they be considered a white person? These deprived of their own culture, their own language, and even gradually let them forget their family because they were taken away by the residential school when they were very young. Although the Canadian government later apologized to the people of the First Nations, their practices were not sincere. They never talked face-to-face with the leaders of the First Nations. This is not an act of apology.

Free choice of the object of love and marriage, and the freedom to choose the way the two sides interact is actually very good, like the issue of homosexuality, I think that if you look at it a little, the person I like may just be a woman or a man like me. It’s not so much that it’s not so much. Too many tube bundles will have a rebellious mentality, leading to an unhealthy body and mind. We should not discriminate against homosexuals. It is not a mistake in itself. It’s just that the person you like happens to be the same sex as you.

For our project, I am still not sure what I want to do, and is a historical event to draw a time period, or is it necessary to describe all the changes that have taken place in my paintings? I am not very sure


Reflection #4 Oct.9th

Reflection #4 Oct.9th

Through study, we know that only 10% of the earth is land, and this 10% of the land may not necessarily be suitable for people to live in. Although we only have these places, our population has always been high. As time goes by, the density of the population is increasing year by year. Rapid population growth has also brought a series of hazards, such as climate change and waste. Different people have different views on climate change. The pessimists claimed that population would soon outstrip food supply, leading to famine, disease, and social disorder. Some thinkers named neo-Malthusians predict that due to global warming, shortage of cultivated land, freshwater conflicts, reduced fish stocks, and the world’s poorest developing countries will exceed the population in the next 50 years. The optimists have faith in mankind’s ability to find innovations, such as solar and wind energy, that will increase Earth’s carrying capacity. Although I know that we should increase the new generation to ease the aging, more and more people have also brought many resource problems, such as kindergarten enrollment, lack of medical staff, and the employment problems faced, these are all disadvantages of the population.

I think it is because of the rapid increase in population that it led to climate change and waste. When people breathe, they will emit CO2, and a large number of people will discharge a large amount of CO2, which is one of the causes of climate change. With the rapid development of material life, people’s lives are more and more convenient, followed by widespread waste: like coffee cups, beverage bottles, various papers, and food discarded everywhere. Nowadays, more and more people and businesses are starting to like plastic bags, and there are still many products that are over-packaged. A plastic bag is a non-degradable material, and it takes a long time to degrade it, but the time to degrade it is far less than the time it takes to produce it. I know that plastic bags are very convenient and fast to use, but in order to solve environmental problems, I think we should cut off the production of plastics at the source, so people will use more environmentally friendly canvas bags; in the process, you can try to put plastic bags. Change to a paper bag because the paper is a recyclable item. I think that in order to avoid the waste of food, we can take a little less from the pot every time so that the things in the pot will not be polluted, it is easier to save.

But the above three issues are not too bad for the poor and war-torn countries, because they are still asking for poverty and peace, and there is still energy to manage those, so in order to solve the above problems, the first Steps to do to solve the problem of poverty and war.

Week 7 in Math 10

This week we learned something about Trigonmetry . I think this is a very interesting one unit , it’s about triangle and angle. Most problems can be reduced to calculations on right-angle triangl



so : tanA = sin A/ cos A

And the teacher taught us one way to remember the letters is to sound them out phonetically, which is ‘SOH-CAH-TOA’ ,it’s very easy to memory and it’s interesting too.But these are built on the premise of knowing the degree of a corner, so when there is no degree of foot, you need to use the Pythagorean theorem.But also have to be careful when doing questions, the United States as I like a joke.


Write is written 9.3 square plus 4.8 square, and the actual time to do, but it is subtraction😂,then get a equal to 8.0.

And then think about it is really should not, a square plus b square is equal to the square of c, the largest c is less than b, how to see should be wrong.

And the correct answer is 10.5, is bigger than 4.8 and 9.3 , and this is a really convenient and swift way to check the answer whether it is right.

And when you hook the theorem, and found that the two sides is a number, this time in order to identify yourself to do the right, you can visualize, the two corners are equal to 45 degrees, if not 45 degrees, then unfortunately you do Wrong; but even 45 degrees is also best to re-calculate it again.

What’s In My Junk Food

My favorite fast food is McDonald's wheat fish package.Hamburg is mainly composed of bread, sour cucumber mayonnaise, fish and cheese.I would be so fond of fish and fish because there is no fishbone in the fish, and accompanied by sour cucumber mayonnaise does not make the hamburger feel special oil.
The skin was blown golden crisp, inside and retain the fresh and juicy fish. Delicious fish and taste salad dressing, unique flavor.And heat 1400kj,Carbohydrates 38.8g,Protein 13.1g,fat 14g,sodium 5.32g,Calcium 1.02g.It's not healthy because the fish is in deep fried, will get more fat and heat, and it have cheese inside, so have more fat.And these fat and heat are too much for us,so it's not a good choose for us.

May Lab Reflection

I choose Lasagna Roll-Ups, because it is the time away from the nearest `o-o’ .I like this  because it’s taste pretty good, and our group work very well.Our product turn out the way that I like, because we do all the work follow the repices ,and it’s very delicious so just me take a photo about it.Our group work well together during the lab , because our group have work for some weeks, team members have a tacit understanding , so even if there is a relevant we will ask to each other and solve the problem together. If I were do this lab again, I will not put product in the oven to bake for these time ,because all the ingredients are cooked, so they can not bake so long, or the pasta’s surface is hardened ,the meat is also a bit old.