February Foods 12 Lab Reflection

It’s been one month since I took the Food And Nutrition 12 class. We made a lot of food every day and we have fun. It is always the most relaxing and exciting class of my whole day and I’ve learned a lot!!! The lab I want to reflect the most is the Sunflower Crepes. I pretty like this dish, because, in this dish, it covers all the ingredients I like such as bacon, eggs,  and cheese.  Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day, especially when you’re working with the finest ingredients such as eggs and bacon. From making the Sunflower Crepes it was a success, we all had something to do, we had finished on time, and when they were ready and we got to eat them, they tasted delicious. What really helped the Sunflower Crepes turn out the way we wanted them to be was just overall teamwork and making sure to communicate before we had started the lab on what everyone was going to do, so then we would have enough time to eat them and get out in time with having eaten them. When the sunflower crepes came out of the oven, you could just smell the deliciousness. With the sweet crape but the savory flavors inside like the egg, cheese, bacon, and green onion the flavors just complimented each other perfectly. Though the sunflower crapes didn’t look the prettiest the flavor really made up for that but it was a really enjoyable lab and everyone played a part in helping make this lab successful. The hardest part of the lab would have to be making the crapes because it was really challenging for me to flip the crapes and at times I’d accidentally create little holes in the crapes but luckily I had a couple of good ones but out of the lab that is the hardest thing so far. If I were to do this lab again I’d be more patient with flipping the crapes and ask for help if I was having troubles so I can see what I’m doing wrong and seek for the correct way to complete the task at hand. What would have helped to make this lab have a more desirable outcome, is being more careful with the crepes when setting it up. Since we ripped through so many, we were focused more on distributing the remaining toppings equally than anything else. If I were to do this again, I would be much more careful and considerate when handling the crepes. I believe we also took the crepes out earlier than intended, making the tops of the sunflower crepes hang lifelessly and soggy. If I were to do this again, I would definitely be more cautious of the temperature and timing while baking it. This was the first lab that we had done where we really did split the work evenly and communicated effectively.