Settling Into Peace

  • How would you describe the first few years after WWI in Canada? Who was happy, who wasn’t, and why? Evidence?

Workers are not happy because of the low wages and lack of collective bargaining. The evidence in this regard was the general strike in Winnipeg and many other strikes in Canada at the time.
Before these strikes, employers were happy because they had a lot of control over workers and could pay very little.
The veterans were not happy because they worked hard on the battlefield in the country, but there was no feedback. They are also not happy that those who did not go to the battlefield earned millions when they left.

  • Was there any point to the Winnipeg General Strike?

I used to point to the general strike in Winnipeg because it deprived workers of their rights. The government was worried that workers would have a violent communist uprising and they decided to fire all workers. If they don’t go back to work, the workers’ rights will be reduced and the government has to step in.

  • Why did the Liberals win the election of 1921?

The liberals won because they held a middle ground on tariffs. This makes them dislike any particular province, so it attracts more people, so more people will vote for them.

One thought on “Settling Into Peace

  1. Yes, the soldiers and workers weren’t happy after the war. Also, the different regions weren’t happy either as they felt their interests didn’t match the rest of Canada.

    Take a look at the textbook in what it says happens after the Winnipeg General Strike. How did the government respond after the Strike?

    Good conclusion about the election. Also, Quebec supported the Liberals because they were opposed to the Conservatives who they blame for conscription and they opposed the Progressives who wanted to get rid of the tariffs.

    Good job.

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