Scenario Q&A

1. Do you think that John and Emily are deceiving themselves about being able to do well in their English class?

They are very confident in themselves. If they get good grades, they are the result of their efforts, but if they don’t get tested, the football team and the ball want to be their excuse.

2. What do you think might be the result of the schedule they are following?

They may miss or not getting good grades in English test, and they may be not can be the king and the queen for than dance.

3. If they don’t do well on their English work, will they blame others or themselves?

They may recall their mistakes when they get the results, but they may also attribute this to the school football team and the dance practice as an excuse for their poor test scores.

4. What, if anything, might you do differently if you were in their place?

I would not go dancing and study for my English Test.