English 12 Book Discussion #4

group member:Lina(leading),Maria,Matilda,Sam,Ali(Not participate)


  1. What archetype represents certain events in the novel? Why?
  2. How do the main characters in your novel make certain decisions/behave in certain ways based on the archetypes?
  3. Why do you think archetype has such an important role in shaping one’s identity?
  4. How does your novel’s background information relate to archetypes?
  5. Which archetype is by far the most important in your novel, and why?
  6. How has the protagonist’s archetype changed in your novel?

Wave properties

H.Pulse wave

Non-repeating wave, single disturbance.

I. Periodic wave

Regularly repeating disturbances.

J. Transverse wave

Spring is pulled sideways, and the wave across the spring to the direction that the wave will travel.

K. Longitudinal wave

Spring are compressed and let go, Disturbance is in the same direction as the direction of travel.

L. Destructive interference

The energies combine to work against each other as the periodic wave, the crest and trough tend to cancel out when two waves meet.

The video is the same as periodic wave.

M. Constructive interference

When two same size crest or trough meet from different direction, the energy of two wave combine to form a bigger wave when they meet.

N.Standing wave 

have the same amplitude and wavelength, the resultant interference pattern remains nearly stationary. A node/nodal point remains at rest throughout the interference of the pulses.

Desmos Art Functions Card 2019








Initially, I was very happy to start this project because I can use mathematical skills to make artistic innovations. However, I want to keep it simple because I’m sure this project will be difficult, but hopefully not. So I started with the hardest portraits.

Fortunately, when I started this project, I already had some experience with desmos. Because I used Desmos to create my own signature image for the Math 10 project. Although I only know the basics, my knowledge has helped me especially in the beginning. When I started the project, I first planned in my head what I wanted to present, and then reviewed the notes about all the different features needed for the project to make it easier to decide which features to use in certain areas.

During the production process, I encountered many challenges, but the bigger challenges were shadows and connecting lines. Shadow is a new concept of desmos. It took me a while to master, because it really takes a lot of time to make shadows, I ended up making only one. In most cases, connecting lines is not an obstacle. However, when I started using more complex functions, many decimals were involved. To make sure the features are connected, I will build from the limitations of the previous line and do some calculations on the calculator to get the correct scores needed.

Whenever I encounter a challenge, I either review my notes, use other features, try to think of other ideas, or research solutions. I didn’t get any help from others. However, I did use google and some YouTube videos to better understand the different features and attributes of desmos.

This project is very unique, something I have never done before, but it is also very interesting. Not only is this fun, but it also deepens my understanding of function and relationship transformation. It also enhanced my understanding of the restrictions. It’s great to see that mathematics can be not only math, but also art. I am very proud of what I have done for this project.