Safety Tips






1.Fire (i.e. what to do if one happens)

1)Call 911 for help.

2)Turn off the heat.

3) Pour on baking soda for a grease fire.









2.Burns/Scalds (i.e. how to treat)

1) Use cold running water to cool.

2) See a doctor as soon as possible if a burn extends deep into skin and blisters immediately

3. Chemicals

1) Don’t put chemicals into your eyes.

2) Separate chemicals from food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-use items.

4. Slips/Trips/Falls (i.e. how to prevent)

1)Clean up spills immediately.

2)Cover cables or cords in walkways.

5. Cuts (i.e. how to prevent/how to treat)

1)Keep your eyes on your cutting.

2)Use the correct size and type of knife.









6. Heavy Lifting (i.e. of a bag of flour) 

1) Clean up the surroundings to ensure they are not tripped.

2)Place or store the heaviest items at mid height to make lifting easier.

7. How to Prevent Food Poisoning

1) Avoid eating raw or spoiled meat.

2)Check the expiration dates on eggs before purchasing and again before preparing.

8.Waste Management

1)Recycle everything that can be recycled.

2)Buy a Trash Compactor.

9.Personal Hygiene

1)Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling food, and wash and dry them again frequently during work.

2)Never cough or sneeze over food, or where food is being prepared or stored.