Canada Divided

  • Find primary evidence: How did Canadians feel about conscription? Who supported it and who didn’t?

Canadians have no support for conscription because people know that on the battlefield, they only greet them, not the glory of those posters. Many people don’t want to go to life, and they feel that there are already many people on the battlefield. The war is almost over, and no need to send people to the front.
















  • What are the messages in the political cartoons?









Berlin is the site of Germany, and Berlin is still a small chicken in the picture. Berlin has become a chicken, and it can be seen that Germany has been weakened because Berlin is the capital of Germany and the largest city in Germany. However, other countries are still trying to send people to the battlefield. It can be seen that other countries are not resisting at the moment, but they are becoming resistant.

  • Was the Khaki Election rigged or just better democracy?

It is manipulated, because if we don’t allow him to win again, then more Canadians will be at home instead of fighting, which means that fewer people in the war help me find the image that we should be war rather than party Vote for the vote. UG is helping soldiers fight by recruiting new people and forcing ordinary people to join the war.

  • Was the government acting in the interests of the public when enacting conscription?

When the conscription system was enacted, the government did not serve the public interest. Just look at Ginger Goodwin and he ran away because he did not participate in the war. Ginger Goodwin’s death on July 27, 1918, was the result of an unfortunate, but an inevitable encounter with the provincial law. People don’t want to participate in the war because they are not interested in fighting.

One thought on “Canada Divided

  1. The enlistment posters might not be a good source to use regarding conscription. They’re created to get people to join the army so it’s a different case.
    That cartoon is not about conscription. It’s actually about renaming Berlin Ontario, Kitchener Ontario.
    Not sure if your response to the election being rigged is clear. Borden was following the law and it was just more Canadians voting. Was it the right thing to do?
    Goodwin is a good example of people being opposed to conscription. So is the fact that so many people applied for exemptions. But the majority of Canadians seemed clear in voting for conscription in the 1917 election.

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