Climate change

Blue: rainfall




























First, we noticed that the climate seemed to be increasing, but they were not increasing dramatically. It was observed that the climate in the tropical seemed to be increasing during the time period shown, with precipitation fluctuating but seems to remain near the same starting average.

During the time period shown, I noticed that the climate in the dry regions was fluctuating and precipitation was decreasing. The climate in the mild temperate zone is increasing, and precipitation is also increasing. Although they are not drastic changes.

Looking at the snow region the temperature is increasing, and precipitation is also greatly increasing. Finally, observing the polar region, averages seem to have a pattern to them through each period of time, the precipitation is increasing and within the last two time periods it has significantly increased.

Conclusion:From our observations we notice more climate change in the colder regions, as well as, the regions with precipitation increased.  Precipitation is usually increased in the snow and polar regions more significantly then the other regions. Therefore, the low temperature zones will experience more rainfall due to the increasing temperature. However, the high temperature zones stay around the average temperature, but the rain is increasing.


Lina Pan & Varick Shen

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