Weather Reading Day 4


Date-December 17, 2019

Air pressure-1018.0 mb

Air temperature-2 degree

Wind direction- North

Wind speed-10 knots

Precipitation-rain shower

Dew point – -6 degree

Cloud type- Nimbostratus

Cloud cover-full

Lower air preesure








We predict that the cold regions in our south will cool down tomorrow. And continue the amount of precipitation and clouds we see, wind will be bigger tomorrow.

Map 1:

Map 2:


Map 3:


Map 4:

One thought on “Weather Reading Day 4

  1. You have the air pressure in the right spot but remember that you are using a relative barometer so it should just say higher or lower.

    Provide some more details on why you’re making that prediction. Refer to what is shown in the map.

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