Week 9 in Math 10

This week we learned something about Polynomial Operations Lesson, This is a week of challenges and fun.

Say he is mainly fun to use different drawing methods to solve and confirm the accuracy of the answer or not.Say he has the challenge mainly lies in the back to the more complicated questions we want to calculate, almost the things we just learned are concentrated in a problem, so the operation will be more prone to deviation.

The following is a post-experience for me:When doing the questions do not worry about removing the brackets, especially in the face of the square and the cubic power of the demolition of the brackets as soon as possible, will affect the accuracy of the back of the operation.So if you want to calculate the square or cubic can be written as the following form:(?x-?)(?x+?) or (?x-?)(?x-?)(?x-?),instead of directly into(?x2-?x+?x….) ,this will make it clear that you know what to do next. However, if this is done, there are still discrepancies with the answer, it is quite possible that even if the calculation is not passed, so my small solution can not be guaranteed.

(This is where I made the question is wrong, I hope this kind of question is not very clear or troublesome students help).   # The picture write by myself and choose on the math book.

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