Week 10 in Math 10

This week we learned factoring Polynomial Expression Lesson.Listen to the name to know the content of the previous unit to learn, because the last unit called Polynomial Operations Lesson.This unit compared to the previous unit, the difference is not not particularly large, but added some new knowledge in it.

I think this module is mainly to test the common factor of our previous study,having mastered this is the same calculation as the previous one. And I learned something new .

Notice that :

1) If the product is positive then the two integers must be either both positive or both negative.

2) If the product is negative, then one integer is positive and the other is negative.


3)  In a prefect square trinomial, the first and last terms must be perfect  squares and the middle term must be twice the product of the square roots of the first and last terms.

4) The method of factoring by splitting the value of b into two integers whose product is ac and whose sum is b is called the method of decomposition.


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