“Dead Poet’s Society” Reflection and Connection

1. In the Movie “Dead Poet’s Society” the boys lost hope for their life because they can not pursue their dreams and passions, and Neil Perry end up killing him self because his parents forced him to be a doctor does not listen to his opinion at all… Just like the soliloquies From Macbeth “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.” In that soliloquies Macbeth just lost his wife and the prophecy of the witches has come true and he know the end is near for him and the soliloquies express how Macbeth think life is meaningless just like how boys think their life is in the movie.

2. From the Movie ” Dead Poet’s Society” I learned you should always voice your opinion and pursue your dreams, you live for your self not others you should take control of your life. In the Movie the boys future were completely planned out by their parents and their own opinions does not matter, they lost hope in their life because their passion and voice were taken away from them and they thought their life were meaningless…


“Lord of the Flies” English 11 correction

Part One


Roger G.(Sadism, ad result of anarchy)

The Lord of the Flies F.(Beelzebub)

What is the symbolism of Piggy and the conch falling off the cliff and Ralph falling at the feet of the soldier?

Conch represent the fall of society. Piggy was the fall of logic and reason.

Why is this story an allegory?

Allegory- where everything symbolizes something and connects to life.

This story is an allegory because each character and action symbolizes a different society or ideal.


Part Two

The breaking of one the lenses of Piggy’s glasses represents:

The boys are half way to savagery

Logic and reason breaking down

What is ionic about the rescue at the end?

Going from one war to another war

The boys thought the adults are better and more civilized

Question Six

Simon knew it was within him.

Golding believe that there is an internal evil within people due to him witnessing a war…

Question Seven

The Island has no girls on it. In real life the population is almost half and half, which means female would be a huge part in decision and in moral.

The kids are British and they believed that they are the best.


Flame activity Chem 11







The flame change color because the electron is excited by heat and jump to a higher energy level to give out a specific frequency of light which gives out different colors depends on the compounds.

Why Piggy can be a useful friend

– Three reasons why Piggy can be my friend.

  1. He is a good advisor, he might be helpful when I need guidance.

In Lord Of The Flies Ralph might be the leader, but piggy is definitely the master mind behind him. Without Piggy’s advice Ralph will not be as successful, Piggy was the one who found the conch and advice Ralph to use it and started Ralph’s Journey as a leader. In the story, when Ralph lost sight of the ultimate goal of getting rescued, piggy is the one who reminded him.

  1. He knows his place and understands his own weaknesses.

In the story Piggy never once tried to be a leader because he knows his place and understands his own weaknesses, he knows with his asthma and other traits he will not be a good candidate for such figure. But he knows his strong suit, so he guided and helped Ralph to be a good leader.

  1. He is loyal.

In the story Piggy was very loyal to Ralph or rather maybe he is loyal to the goal of surviving. In the story although he was swayed by temptation a few times, but he still remained loyal. And it’s very good to have a loyal friend in your life- they won’t steal your girlfriend.

What it means to be human…… Block C

Humans need to communicate

Humans want to be happy

Humans want to connect

Humans need friends/companions

Humans like to help

Humans can be empathetic

Humans need hopes and dreams

Humans sometimes strive for knowledge and improve

Humans are scared of each other

Humans abuse power

Humans are selfish

Humans are violent

Humans are inventive and innovative

Humans are resilient and with unity, may overcome adversity

Humans are diverse

Humans can be accepting

Humans  are curious

The novel To Kill A Mocking Bird  By Harper Lee is about the racism during early 20s century and it’s about that what you heard might not always be the truth. In the book scout’s neighbour Boo Radly was rumored to be a devil, but he end up saving her life. In terms of racism, in the story Mayella Ewell calms that Tom Robinson raped her, with no evidence and strong defence from Atticus Finch the jury still ruled Tom as guilty. This story taught me to not have to set perspective on things and what u heard might not be true.