Plenty Q&A

  1. The writers mood changed through out the poem. In the beginning of the poem, his mood is happy and cheerful “The sky, lit up like a question or an applause meter, is beautiful like everything else today.” But through out the poem, his mood had a down turn; it changed into more sarcastic and cynical “The people with their beautiful names walking toward the lake in lovely clothing saying unpleasant things over the phone about the people they work with.”
  2.  I think the reason the small details of beauty are more interesting than obvious beauty is because that it extracted the mood of the poem very well. Only when you are in a very happy mood you will notice the small beauty in life, or things you might not like that much will seem to be beautiful. So that come to say that the writer was in very good mood at the time.
  3. The similes writer used in the story has the effect of imagery, which enhanced the mood of the story.
  4. From the mood of the story I can tell that the writer was actually complaining why the society is so fake, everybody has pretty mask, and a devil under the mask. I think the writer have possible suffered emotional damage when somebody lied to him or cheated on him.


English 10 descriptive writing


LA descriptive writing- Mountain Biking

Here I am once again, on top of Burke Mountain, just can’t get enough of it. I took a deep breath; the smell of the fresh dirt always excites me. “Click” I clip my foot on the pedal, drop into the trail. The adrenaline rushes into my head, I want to go faster! And even faster! Until I hit a tree…

This is what I do every day, mountain biking. It’s so addicting, I just can get enough of it!

For most of us, specially Chinese, mountain biking is such an unusually and alien sport. With only few dense riders in a city with 30 million Population-Shanghai, and government throwing down every single trail we put time and effort to build for “environmental” reason. Also there is only one skate park/dirt jump park in a city 3 times the size of Metro Vancouver, although it’s world’s largest …

But me being the “weirdo” was among those few hundred people who did mountain biking back in shanghai since 2011. Due to the limited resources we had to drive more than 300 kilometers to ride on a real mountain biking trail, like the ones on burke, which takes 5 minutes’ drive; the only skate park is also 20 km away from my home which is located in downtown shanghai.

With the lack of knowledge and resources most “mountain bikers” in china was converted to “road bikers”, they put skinny tires on their hardtails and started riding on the street. With everyone around me stop mountain biking due to the lack of trails, I became a “road biker” as well. At one point I even consider sell my mountain bikes and get a road bike, shame on me!

Seems like my mtb life was at the end at that point. But an idea sparked in my head, instead of just giving up on mountain biking I probably should visit the “heaven” of mountain biking-Canada. With over 9000 trails, British Columbia is the center for mountain biking in this world.

With the dream of Canada being the paradise for mountain bikers, I was on my way. When I step foot on the land of British Columbia, I knew it’s the place I has been looking for- people are friendly, even the air has a hint of sweetness; most importantly there are mountains everywhere!

After my trip to Canada, I was truly impressed. Since then, I determined I will call Canada home, one day.

But there was a twist in the story, although from the first day I always wanted to come to Vancouver. But my mom swarm me to Ontario, with 2 French Classes a day and nowhere to ride I moved to BC after only 6 months of torture.

Today, I have been in Port Coqutilam BC for 2 and half years now, my dream became reality. Mountain biking make my dream come true, it taught me how to be independent and how survive in the real world, and it defined who I am; Thank You Mountain biking!