Why Piggy can be a useful friend

– Three reasons why Piggy can be my friend.

  1. He is a good advisor, he might be helpful when I need guidance.

In Lord Of The Flies Ralph might be the leader, but piggy is definitely the master mind behind him. Without Piggy’s advice Ralph will not be as successful, Piggy was the one who found the conch and advice Ralph to use it and started Ralph’s Journey as a leader. In the story, when Ralph lost sight of the ultimate goal of getting rescued, piggy is the one who reminded him.

  1. He knows his place and understands his own weaknesses.

In the story Piggy never once tried to be a leader because he knows his place and understands his own weaknesses, he knows with his asthma and other traits he will not be a good candidate for such figure. But he knows his strong suit, so he guided and helped Ralph to be a good leader.

  1. He is loyal.

In the story Piggy was very loyal to Ralph or rather maybe he is loyal to the goal of surviving. In the story although he was swayed by temptation a few times, but he still remained loyal. And it’s very good to have a loyal friend in your life- they won’t steal your girlfriend.

One thought on “Why Piggy can be a useful friend

  1. Is the dog supposed to be Piggy?? And I don’t know what the characters represent 🙂
    But I agree with you- Piggy would be an awesome friend.

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