What it means to be human…… Block C

Humans need to communicate

Humans want to be happy

Humans want to connect

Humans need friends/companions

Humans like to help

Humans can be empathetic

Humans need hopes and dreams

Humans sometimes strive for knowledge and improve

Humans are scared of each other

Humans abuse power

Humans are selfish

Humans are violent

Humans are inventive and innovative

Humans are resilient and with unity, may overcome adversity

Humans are diverse

Humans can be accepting

Humans  are curious

The novel To Kill A Mocking Bird¬† By Harper Lee is about the racism during early 20s century and it’s about that what you heard might not always be the truth. In the book scout’s neighbour Boo Radly was rumored to be a devil, but he end up saving her life. In terms of racism, in the story Mayella Ewell calms that Tom Robinson raped her, with no evidence and strong defence from Atticus Finch the jury still ruled Tom as guilty. This story taught me to not have to set perspective on things and what u heard might not be true.