Plenty Q&A

  1. The writers mood changed through out the poem. In the beginning of the poem, his mood is happy and cheerful “The sky, lit up like a question or an applause meter, is beautiful like everything else today.” But through out the poem, his mood had a down turn; it changed into more sarcastic and cynical “The people with their beautiful names walking toward the lake in lovely clothing saying unpleasant things over the phone about the people they work with.”
  2.  I think the reason the small details of beauty are more interesting than obvious beauty is because that it extracted the mood of the poem very well. Only when you are in a very happy mood you will notice the small beauty in life, or things you might not like that much will seem to be beautiful. So that come to say that the writer was in very good mood at the time.
  3. The similes writer used in the story has the effect of imagery, which enhanced the mood of the story.
  4. From the mood of the story I can tell that the writer was actually complaining why the society is so fake, everybody has pretty mask, and a devil under the mask. I think the writer have possible suffered emotional damage when somebody lied to him or cheated on him.