“Dead Poet’s Society” Reflection and Connection

1. In the Movie “Dead Poet’s Society” the boys lost hope for their life because they can not pursue their dreams and passions, and Neil Perry end up killing him self because his parents forced him to be a doctor does not listen to his opinion at all… Just like the soliloquies From Macbeth “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.” In that soliloquies Macbeth just lost his wife and the prophecy of the witches has come true and he know the end is near for him and the soliloquies express how Macbeth think life is meaningless just like how boys think their life is in the movie.

2. From the Movie ” Dead Poet’s Society” I learned you should always voice your opinion and pursue your dreams, you live for your self not others you should take control of your life. In the Movie the boys future were completely planned out by their parents and their own opinions does not matter, they lost hope in their life because their passion and voice were taken away from them and they thought their life were meaningless…


One thought on ““Dead Poet’s Society” Reflection and Connection

  1. I don’t think the movie says that “life is meaningless”! Quite the opposite, actually. But I am glad you liked it.

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