Essay #2

Evaluate the quote below with reference to the Rebellion of 1837, the American Civil War, and the situation in Canada prior to Confederation.

“it was only by a happy concurrence of circumstances, that we were enabled to bring this great question to its present position.”

John A. Macdonald, 1865

Create your essay:

  1. Create your thesis – is John A MacDonald’s quote correct? How much of it is correct?
  2. Introduction – Present the quote and explain what it means. Also, summarize the context of the 1860s and why MacDonald would be saying something like this. State your thesis at the beginning or end of the intro paragraph
  3. Body paragraphs – One paragraph each for the Rebellion of 1837, American Civil War and the Situation in Canada, explain the causes and consequences, explain how the consequences relate to the thesis
  4. Conclusion – restate your thesis and summarize the main arguments of each body paragraph. Conclude with why this is all important to Canada today.

Hand-in Instructions:

  1. Save your essay as either a *.docx or *.pdf file with your name in the file name
  2. Upload to hand-in folder on Virtual Chan website to your appropriate block (password: socials9)
  3. Essay needs to be uploaded by the end of the block

*Essay will not be marked if instructions are not followed

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