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Action Packs (each group member downloads their own):

Pre-cycling Transportation
Costly Trends Papercuts
Disposables Bright Energy
Recycling Saving Water
All Packaged Up Being Chill – Heating Up
Into The River Oceanwise
Organic Waste All That Glitters
Acidic Oceans Oil

Reflection #4: Movie Pitch

Post any ideas you have of your movie pitch at this point. Again, highlight some primary sources that would help make your movie historically accurate. It could be a new idea or a continuation of your previous ideas.

If you are making a movie idea about WWI, this period could be part of the conclusion. If you’re doing a movie idea about the Great Depression, this could be the intro. Or if your movie spans the entire time period, what might be happening to your character at this time?

Movies to watch for inspiration: The Great Gatsby, Chicago (I haven’t seen it… rated PG-13)

*There are a lot of gangster/mobster prohibition movies out there but they usually include violence so I’m probably not supposed to suggest them. But you can look them up at your own discretion.

Reflection #2: The Roaring 20s

Choose one of the following to respond to on your blog:

  • (Continuity & Change) What parallels exist between the prohibition of alcohol and the prohibition of marijuana (find quotes)? What are the differences?
  • (Continuity & Change) Look up some of the buildings being constructed in 1929, what do they look like today? Is there a construction boom today as well?
  • (Ethical Judgement) Is sustaining economic growth (or a booming economy) a good strategy for the future? Explain with some specific examples. (it would be useful to do some extra research about this)

Useful sources:

WWI Reflection #2

Complete ALL of the following using quotes from the links provided below:

  1. Find evidence that reveals how happy soldiers were being in the war.
  2. What evidence do soldiers provide that reveals why they are fighting or what they are fighting for?
  3. What seems to be the morale of the soldiers during the different battles?
  4. How would you summarize Canada’s role over these major battles? (continuity or change?)





The Holocaust


  • (Ethical Judgement) What happened to Schindler after the war? Did he live the life of a hero?
  • (Ethical Judgement) Can you use the defense that “someone in power told me to do it”?
  • (Perspective/ Ethical Judgement) Look up UN War Crimes, do the actions of the Holocaust constitute a war crime? Who should be responsible? Should there really be such a thing as war crimes?
  • (Ethical Judgement) Why do you think some people in the Holocaust cared to help and others chose not to? What makes the difference?