Letter From Home

December 20th, 1917

Dear Private Franklin Ryan,

Only a few days until Christmas but it doesn’t seem like it with you around. The children are hoping you will return before Santa arrives but I dont have the heart to tell them you wont be back for another until next Christmas.

Canada has changed a lot due to your efforts overseas. For the better and for the worse. Women can finally get in the game and help the soldiers so that’s what i have dedicated my time to doing. I quit my job as a teacher and now i help in manufacturing goods to be shipped to you and your brothers. I fill the shells you shoot and pack the trucks that will make their way over to you.

The pay is so incredibly unfair and the economy is falling apart. I am making less than i did as a teacher and i am working longer hours. I know that my job now is benefiting our country more but i still need to think about the children. I wish I could be there with you on the battlefield. I was so tempted to drop everything and go serve as a nurse alongside you and help out but i need to think of the children. I might just let them go stay with your mother for a while but they are young and i dont think they can handing being away from both their parents.

The boys are so excited for the holiday but I am having issues financially. The price of resources has soared through the roof and i cant make payments anymore. I do not mean this to worry you in any way but i just want you to think of the children. Please come home. We need you and i think we are more important than this stupid country.

I apologize, i wont let you chose what’s more important to you. Just please stay safe and write to me as soon as you get the chance.

Love you dearly,

Emilia Ryan